Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Offers the Ultimate Crossover Backpacker’s Sleeping Bag that Combines the Room of a Bivy Tent, the Warmth of a Mummy Bag and the Comfort of an Air Mattress

12 Jun

The Zenbivy Bed brings freestyle sleeping to rough outdoor environments through a revolutionary system that meshes comfort over a wide temperature range, awesome natural freedom of movement, and a soft experience that’s as close as possible to a good night’s rest on a mattress at home

By Robert Hoskins

Spokane, Washington – Zenbivy launches Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to add the Zenbivy Backpacker’s Bed (sleeping bag) to the brand’s flagship Zenbivy product line. An expert in unfolding comfort for people who like to enjoy outdoor adventures in harsh environments, the Kickstarter campaign plans to merge a comfortable sleeping with plenty of room to roll around during sleep, a soft mattress and the warmth provided by restrictive, but popular mummy sleeping bags.  The best news is that the Zenbivy Bed weighs only 2.4 lbs., features 700 fill-down, a temperature rating of 25-degrees, and shoulder girths of up to 76 inches.

Backcountry enthusiasts have responded well to the offering. With 22 days to go, more than 260 backers have donated more than $65,000 to bring the Zenbivy sleeping bag into reality.


New outdoor-inspired startup Zenbivy launches Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign support its flagship product, the Zenbivy Bed

New backcountry-inspired startup Zenbivy launches Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to breath life into its flagship product, the Zenbivy Bed, to provide comfort for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts

“Our design goal with the Zenbivy Bed is to combine the warmth and weight of a mummy bag with the ability to sleep in the same positions that you do at home. Mummy bags restrict your movement which can reduce your quality of sleep. The Zenbivy Bed allows for free movement like your bed at home, while maintaining thermal efficiency,” said Michael Glavin, Zenbivy’s deigner, who has led teams at Sierra Designs, GSI, and MSR that have won 11 Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards.

Glavin added, “Through our Kickstarter campaign we aspire to connect and engage with numerous communities to introduce them to the brand and join the Zenbivy family, while harnessing support to bring the product to market.”

The Zenbivy Bed is disrupting the conventional way of sleeping outdoors by bringing you freestyle sleeping – a revolutionary system that meshes comfort over a wide temperature range, natural freedom of movement, and high-quality materials to deliver an experience that’s as close as possible to a good night’s sleep at home. Because it’s warm and light like a mummy bag, you can sleep comfortably anywhere – from couch-surfing to the deepest backcountry. And, when you know you have a warm, comfortable spot to spend the night, you will get enjoy a long night rest that will supercharge you to have more fun the next day.

A game-changer in the sleeping bag market, the Zenbivy Bed is designed on the foundation of comfort and moves with you when you want to move, while eliminating the chance for any draft between baffles with its innovative overlapping construction.

The two-piece design features a unique comforter that lies on top of a fitted-sheet and zips into place on top, rather than on the edges – freeing the quilt to spread out or wrap snugly around you without restriction.

So, regardless if you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, the Zenbivy Bed lets you move naturally and effortlessly for a better sleep experience during your adventures – from under the stars in the backcountry to car camping and family road trips.

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