JellyTank Floats Successful Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign, Secures Pre-Orders of $188,828 and Moves Sales to Indiegogo InDemand

26 May

JellyTank, the ultimate desktop jellyfish aquarium, pre-order sales exceed $188k on Kickstarter and moves sales to Indiegogo’s InDemand with full production of the tanks well underway

By Robert Hoskins

Sarasota, Florida – The JellyTank has scored a huge success on Kickstarter, chalking up a staggering pre-sales total of over $188k to date. The JellyTank is a 5-gallon Nano aquarium designed to create the most suitable environment for Jellyfish while providing a budget-friendly and low-maintenance desktop aquarium for jellyfish owners.

With over a thousand backers on Kickstarter, the JellyTank is quickly turning heads and stands as one of the most innovative and affordable jellyfish aquariums to date

With over a thousand backers on Kickstarter, the JellyTank is quickly turning heads and stands as one of the most innovative and affordable jellyfish aquariums to date

Brock and Blake Gratton, the developers of the JellyTank, launched the Kickstarter campaign on February 7th with an initial goal of $25,000. In their relentless pursuit of success, the twin brothers managed to hit their target within only three days and pre-sold over 1,000 JellyTanks at over $188,000.

“With the support and help from everyone, we officially hit our goal within 72 hours of launch and was able to presell over $188,000 worth of JellyTanks,” said Blake and Brock Gratton, Co-Creators. “We’re working hard to get all the moving parts of manufacturing underway while successfully assembling an aquaculture facility. We’ve aligned ourselves with expert marine biologists while building relationships and partnerships within the industry.”

“We had no idea we would achieve this with our Kickstarter campaign, but hope to continue the same successful results on Indiegogo’s Indemand platform until we have product to sell,” the Grottons added.

With over a thousand backers on Kickstarter, the JellyTank is quickly turning heads and stands as one of the most innovative and affordable jellyfish aquariums to date. It has also received positive reviews by people in the marine and tech industries and has been featured on popular websites such as Dude I Want That, Aquanerd, Advanced Aquarist, Trend Hunter, and The Awesomer, among many more.

At present, the manufacturing of the JellyTanks is in full effect. Plans are currently underway to kickstart the delivery of the tanks at the end of July with jellyfish deliveries shortly after. Also in the works is a recently launched Indiegogo InDemand campaign which is set to further expand the reach of the JellyTank and help maximize exposure.

The twin brothers are currently on a mission to developing their stretch goals and hope to successfully manufacture and deliver nothing short of high-quality and fully-functional products in the coming weeks. Go to the Indiegogo InDemand campaign if you’d like to pledge or visit for the opportunity to learn more about the company.

Blake and Brock are both successful entrepreneurs with a strong passion for business and family. They graduated from the Florida State University in 2004 with majors in Economics and later became mortgage loan officers for four years until the real estate market came crashing down.

“We’ve always had a yearning for entrepreneurship, as teenagers we created our first company called B&B Stringing where we would string tennis racquets,” Blake Gratton added.

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