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Should Crowdfunding Be a Tech Start-up’s First Choice?

16 Nov

Crowdfunding: A Tech Disruptor’s Natural Playmate

By Sanjay Choudhary, CrowdInvest, Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding

London, United Kingdom – The world of technology is constantly challenging the status quo. For many, this is only to be expected, because, by its very nature, technology was born of the need to find new methods, gain knowledge and strive for greater achievements. But, there are also those who feel some new technology damages the economy, investment markets and the jobs market.

Sanjay Choudhary, Director of Information Technology and Services, CrowdInvest

Sanjay Choudhary, Founder and CEO, CrowdInvest

It’s true technology often eliminates certain jobs and opportunities or makes individual sectors obsolete. But, it’s equally true that technology which successfully disrupts an existing system, idea or sector, also creates new opportunities, benefitting all those areas across both tech and non-tech sectors.

Disruptive Start-Ups

The birth of crowdfunding – a financial services disrupter itself – has undoubtedly helped increase the pace at which new technology is being introduced to the world across a variety of sectors. One look at the numbers – the Crowdfunding industry was worth £34.4 billion in 2015, up from just $2.7 billon in 2012 – highlights how quickly crowdfunding has grown.

The details of crowdfunding give some indication as to why it’s grown so quickly. The creation of an easily accessible system has given potential investors from all levels of wealth and uncountable backgrounds access to a world of opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs.

Not only has crowdfunding created an arena for entrepreneurs to find the right supporters for their often very niche ideas, it has given investors more opportunity to operate in the way they want, supporting their preferred sectors. This is one of the key reasons crowdfunding has been successful. Other success factors include:

  • Providing a service that was lacking from mainstream lenders following the credit crunch.
  • Benefitting both participants in crowdfunding: entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Online operation improves global accessibility for investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Complete transparency.
  • Due diligence and other regulations adhered to by third-party.

The Perfect Match

Given crowdfunding’s history – a brief one to be sure – the use of crowdfunding sites by technology start-ups seems to be the perfect match. And in many ways it is.

Provided all the required pitch details are submitted and no regulatory problems are found, pretty much any type of business can seek investment on an online crowdfunding platform. This means a global audience – in many cases – is able to access and research anything that really excites their curiosity and really seems like the perfect investment opportunity for them.

Of course, nothing’s perfect and such is the case with start-ups, disruptors and even crowdfunding. Sometimes even if a pitch successfully raises its funding, it doesn’t go ahead. Sometimes mistakes are made and sometimes the wrong investors get on board.

But, the agility of crowdfunding – something many firms in the pre-2008 world were sorely lacking – allows it to make changes and introduce safeguards that stop it from happening again, where possible.

This is kind of the same situation new technology finds itself in; it works to make changes to improve existing systems or rectify what some innovators consider mistakes, or flaws in systems at conception.

As the clamor of noise over new technology and disruptive start-ups grows, we at are listening. And what we’re hearing, loud-and-clear, is that an innovative, ground-breaking and disruptive tech sector is investor ready and we’re ready to pair entrepreneur and investor in as many disruptive collaborations as possible!

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