Equity Crowdfunding Platform Commission Revenue Can Fund College & University Incubators and Accelerators

13 Mar

How to Launch an Equity Crowdfunding Site to Provide Sufficient Revenue to Fund Successful College and University Incubator and Accelerator Programs

By Robert Hoskins

Equity Crowdfunding Platform Commission Fees

As deals receive funding, equity crowdfunding sites usually collect a 5% to 10% commission fee.  This funding can be used to setup incubator co-working spaces, which can then start charging monthly rent to begin generating monthly recurring revenue. Once an incubator has been setup, the crowdfunding commission fees can be used to begin building a pool of investment capital to fund a school’s accelerator program.

Most states, however, will not let a equity crowdfunding sites invest in crowdfunding campaigns hosted on their own site unless they are a registered broker dealer with the SEC. 

Schools can, however, setup a separate LLC and begin investing money in startups via the separate entity.

Rules vary by state, so check with a local securities attorney to make sure you understand what the legal guidelines are in your state.

The main point is to note that with the right marketing programs in place, any college or university in the United States can begin build up their own equity crowdfunding investment syndicates and crowdfunding platforms to help fund co-working spaces, incubators and accelerator programs.

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