Move Your Mountain Donation-Based Crowdfunding Site Allows Crowdfunders to Keep 22% More by Charging Lower Fundraising Campaign Fees

2 Jan allows donation-based crowdfunding campaigns for medical bills, funeral expenses, animals, charities, school emergencies, memorials, honeymoons, sports teams…the possibilities are endless!

By Robert Hoskins

Reno, Nevada –, a donation-based crowdfunding site that only charges a 3.9% fundraising campaign fee, allows fundraisers to keep more of their money, on average 22% more. The site prides itself on putting the needs of its crowdfunding clients ahead of higher fees that other crowdfunding sites charge and differentiates itself from the competition by offering a portfolio of value-added services.

Move Your Mountain Donation Crowdfunding Site in the United States

Move-Your-Mountain Donation-Based Crowdfunding Site in the United States only Charges a 3.9% Commission Fee

For example, the site provides crowdfunding mentors that provide coaching to campaign managers in order to help crowdfunders raise money faster. In tandem with mentors, all campaign managers also have access to a crowdfunding tips section to help them promote their campaigns and provide fast email responses; participate in live chats; and receive help writing press releases to raise awareness for their campaigns. All of these services are provided at no charge to crowdfunding campaign managers. built the following chart to provide the marketplace with a detailed price comparison to demonstrate how much crowdfunding campaign managers can save using this platform.

Crowdfunding Site

Site Fee

Processing Fee

Per Donation Fee






6.8% + 30¢





7.9% + 30¢





7.9% + 30¢ offers superior support and help clients raise money for anything – such as medical bills, school, funeral expenses, animals, charities, emergencies, memorials, honeymoons, sports teams…the possibilities are endless.

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