Philadelphia Businesses Harness Marketing Power of Donation-based Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support Local Charities

27 Feb

Giving back to the community by donating perks for local charities is a win-win community outreach program for Philadelphia crowdfunding campaigns

By Robert Hoskins

Based in Philadelphia, PA, a local start-up social enterprise that helps nonprofits and other causes raise money online, announced it has recruited more than 40 businesses to participate in the GiveToBenefit Merchant Partner program.  

GivetoBenefit Donation-Based Crowdfunding Perks

GivetoBenefit Donation-Based Crowdfunding Perks

The program – which is the first of its kind in the crowdfunding category – involves businesses agreeing to provide incentives to organizations who spend the money they raise on on their products and services.  This is the type of program that should be rolled out in every big city in America to promote social causes.

How the GiveToBenefit Merchant Partner program works:

  1. A merchant creates a free listing on and agrees to provide special offers to a nonprofit or other cause-related organization who selects them as their provider.
  2. A nonprofit or other cause-related organization launches a fund drive on
  3. The nonprofit pre-selects a local merchant where the money raised will be spent.
  4. GiveToBenefit releases 100% of the funds raised (the nonprofit pays no fees, unlike on other crowdfunding sites) – to the merchant after the campaign ends.
  5. The merchant and the nonprofit complete the transaction.

“By elevating the role of the merchant, we are evolving the crowdfunding model for the better,” says GiveToBenefit CEO Daniel M. Sossaman, II. “With, everybody wins: Local merchants generate new sales and brand awareness; cause-related organizations receive more in goods and services for every dollar they raise; and GiveToBenefit is compensated for facilitating the exchange.”

“By automatically generating leads and potential sales for us, GiveToBenefit is like having another marketing or sales resource on my staff,” says Dave Matthias, president of Penn Photomounts in Aston, Pa. “But beyond the clear business value that the GiveToBenefit Merchant Partner program represents, I really like how this program makes it easy for my company to do something good for my community.”

With plans to expand nationwide, the GiveToBenefit Merchant Partner program currently features local businesses in categories ranging from musical instruments and photographic equipment to office supplies and garden tools.

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