Indiegogo Campaign Launches New Screwless Sunglasses that Can Be Built Module-by-Module and Repaired Easily

23 Dec

Modular Eye-wear from Nuke Optics Allow Users to Build Sun Glasses on the Fly Based on Color Schemes, Style, Shapes and Sizes

By Robert Hoskins

If you like playing with Legos or Mr. Potato Head when you were a kid, you will probably like the new modular concept behind Nuke Venom’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign that is offering their patent-pending, modular, screwless and fully customizable spectacle and sunglasses design system.  The company is raising money to build an online ordering platform that will allow users to order the style they want and have them shipped worldwide.

Modular Eyewear from Nuke Optics Allow Users to Build Sun Glasses on the Fly Based on Color Schemes, Style, Shapes and Sizes

Modular Eyewear from Nuke Optics Allow Users to Build Sun Glasses on the Fly Based on Color Schemes, Style, Shapes and Sizes

Built around the world’s first completely screwless hinge, the Nuke VENOM Modular System allows full interchangeability and cross compatibility between lenses, frames and side arms (a.k.a. “temples”), regardless of shape, size, design, color or application.

As a former outdoor adventure guide I like the modular concept.  Due to the rough and tumble lifestyle of backpacking, mountaineering, white water kayaking, camping and hiking, on many occasions my glasses have broken simply because the screws vibrated loose.  Even when you feel the screw hit your shoulder and bounce off, the screws are so tiny that they are almost impossible to find while hiking around in the forest.

If you break a lens, side arm or the main frame, you can simply order another one and snap it back into place. Given the pace that I break glasses, my order will include multiple pieces of the items that I break the most so that I have a replacement supply waiting for fast repairs.

One option that I didn’t would be see on their website was an option for sunglasses side arms that float.  I can’t tell you how many times I have leaned over my boat to looking for fish to catch and watched my sunglasses sink into the abyss.

Nuke Optics design seems to be popular with a worldwide audience and they were recently featured in the Washington Post article:  “This entrepreneur in Singapore developed build-your-own sunglasses.”  They also have uploaded a pitch video on YouTube video to get a better view of their new sunglasses: before pre-ordering their sun glasses.

They are also building their sales and distribution networks and are seeking business development partners worldwide.  Their Indiegogo campaign includes two different types of retailer perks for optical retail outlets priced at $1,999 for Dealer Perk  and $7,499 for a Premium Dealer Perk, which includes a custom table, cabinets, displays and marketing posters.

This one of a kind “build-your-own” system,  allows users to see what their sunglasses look like prior to purchase, and allows them to create the perfect pair to fit their personality or needs.

The innovation of the Nuke VENOM Modular System lies in the fact that it is the only fully customizable single modular system in the world designed for spectacles and sunglasses that is screwless, interchangeable and cross-compatible.  Featuring five different frames v2 (spectacles), v4 n(Lifestyle), v41 (lifestyle), v6 (sports), and v8 (safety), four types of lenses and three different temples (v, turbo, and samurai), users can create over one million combinations!

Nuke VENOM revolutionizes the eyewear industry in four key ways:

  • Parts Replacement: If something breaks, users can replace the specific part that is broken.  There will never be a need to buy a totally new pair.

  • Configurations: Chose between “VENOM Basic,” which is meant for those who have a single eyewear need, “VENOM Advance,” which is meant for those who have multiple needs of eyewear, and “VENOM Pro,” which is for couples, families, individuals or teams who have different or same eyewear needs but want it in a single product.

  • Add Ons: All VENOM products, including “safety,” “lifestyle” and “sports” models have the ability to add an rx clip to cater to those who need prescription eyewear.

  • Upgrades: Users can purchase upgrades such as side shields or protective inner sponges when needed.  Or, they can buy a specific part upgrade when Nuke releases a new design.

Nuke Optics is an eyewear company based in Singapore that creates innovative and technically superior sports, prescriptive, lifestyle and safety eyewear that provide optimum protection, maximum performance and full customization through a single modular system.  For more information, visit the company’s website at

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