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Top 10 Crowdfunding Industry Predictions for 2014

30 Dec

Crowdfunding PR, Social Media and Marketing’s Top 10  Technology Trends and Business Developments that Might Develop During 2014

Top 10 Crowdfunding Predictions for 2014

Top 10 Crowdfunding Predictions for 2014

By Robert Hoskins

  1. Utilizing Social Graphs – Implementing social graphing application programming interfaces (APIs) for crowdfunding platforms will make it easy to see friends of friends who are investing in crowdfunding campaigns due to popular social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Meetup, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and others.  Data mining and big data services will become very sophisticated services for the crowdfunding industry.  Once these services get started it will be very hard for fraudulent companies to succeed because they will vetted by millions of investors working together to form a policing crowd.
  2. Predicting the Success of Crowdfunding Campaigns – Investment professionals will develop crowdfunding campaign evaluation systems that break down campaigns into easy to evaluate modules similar to the way the crowd of fantasy football gurus rate individual players based on their performance.  Utilizing a crowd to rate crowdfunding deals by various categories will make it easy and simple for large numbers of non-investment professionals to vet deals together.
  3. Growing an Industry of Crowdfunding Service Providers (CSPs) – In order to help 229 million new investors vet deals together, the crowdfunding industry is going to spawn a tremendous amount of new CSPs that will help novice and accredited investors examine equity investment deals to determine potential success or failure. To date our database includes CSPs that provide white label crowdfunding platforms, payment processing, SEC compliance, digital signatures, legal documents, intellectual property (IP), valuation calculators, investment scoring, due diligence, social trust, business planning, marketing, PR and social media and marketing companies.
  4. Rising Stars of Crowdfunding Content – The demand for crowdfunding TV programs will grow exponentially to provide content similar to the Shark Tank, but without the bite.  Whereas reality TV shows currently feature drama that bashes unprepared entrepreneurs, the American public will be drawn to programming that educates startups on how to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns, build vertical business-to-business crowdfunding platforms as well as how to vet and invest in Crowdfunding equity investment opportunities.
  5. Creating Economic Development Centers – For the past 10 years banks have denied small businesses access to startup capital. In a town of 50,000 families, equity crowdfunding will allow each family to invest up to $2,000 per year into local businesses the community needs and wants.  This will create an investment pool of $100 million dollars each year that will not only create lots of jobs, but allow everyone in the community to encourage, steer and participate in the prosperity of the community.  Investing locally as a crowd will make it easy to vet and assess cooperative crowdfunding deals for the social good of the community.
  6. Transforming Rural America into Corporations – Access to large pools of investment capital will allow crowdfunding to turn kitchen tables everywhere into the board rooms of tomorrow.  Outside of the top 300 largest cities in the United States, rural towns and cities will suddenly have access millions of micro venture capitalists and hobby investors. Local investors will be able to crowdfund movie theaters, bowling alleys, restaurants, well-known franchises, and other types of in-demand businesses that will become economic development engines.
  7. Increasing Success via Target Marketing – Do crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo stand a chance against large media companies such as Condé Nast, Hearst, IDC, Meredith, Reeds, Time Inc., Ziff Davis, etc.?  Right now the practice of target marketing via crowdfunding platforms is non-existent.  Well-established publishing and ecommerce centers are perfectly positioned to launch business-to-business crowdfunding platforms that will make fundraising easier for crowdfunding campaign managers that want to launch highly targeted advertising, email, PR and social media campaigns to make their crowdfunding campaigns very successful.  This will significantly improve the success rate of traditional crowdfunding platforms and allow them to outperform the current market leaders Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
  8. Reducing Risk for Venture Capitalists – Hobby investing will become a national past time and VCs will not have to risk giving seed money, thus the quality of their deal flow should improve dramatically. Instead of risking several million dollars to provide seed startup capital, VCs will be able to sit back and wait to see what products/services the crowd is willing to support with their hard-earned dollars, and as a result they should be able to use crowdfunding as a very good measurement of future marketplace demand.
  9. Growing a Crop of Hobby Investors – When Title III crowdfunding becomes legal 97% more Americans will be able to invest up to $2,000 per year in equity crowdfunding opportunities.  If every family in the U.S. investments just 1% of their annual income in local crowdfunding deals it will provide over $300 billion per year to help small businesses get off the ground.  It will dwarf by a significant magnitude the environment that was prevalent during 1990s when venture capital extremely easy raise by simply drawing up a business plan on a napkin. Shopping crowdfunding campaigns will become a national past time.
  10. Legalizing Title III Equity Crowdfunding – Title III Crowdfunding should become legal by June 2014.  Not a new topic, but one worth revisiting on a state-by-state basis as each state passes their own local laws regarding crowdfunding due to the fact that the SEC has been very slow in adopting the mandates that were passed by the U.S. Congress and the President Obama in April of 2012 when the JOBS Act was signed into law.  Crowdfunding is so important that Georgia, Kansas, Michigan and North Carolina have bypassed the SEC and implemented their own crowdfunding legislation.

Indiegogo Campaign Launches New Screwless Sunglasses that Can Be Built Module-by-Module and Repaired Easily

23 Dec

Modular Eye-wear from Nuke Optics Allow Users to Build Sun Glasses on the Fly Based on Color Schemes, Style, Shapes and Sizes

By Robert Hoskins

If you like playing with Legos or Mr. Potato Head when you were a kid, you will probably like the new modular concept behind Nuke Venom’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign that is offering their patent-pending, modular, screwless and fully customizable spectacle and sunglasses design system.  The company is raising money to build an online ordering platform that will allow users to order the style they want and have them shipped worldwide.

Modular Eyewear from Nuke Optics Allow Users to Build Sun Glasses on the Fly Based on Color Schemes, Style, Shapes and Sizes

Modular Eyewear from Nuke Optics Allow Users to Build Sun Glasses on the Fly Based on Color Schemes, Style, Shapes and Sizes

Built around the world’s first completely screwless hinge, the Nuke VENOM Modular System allows full interchangeability and cross compatibility between lenses, frames and side arms (a.k.a. “temples”), regardless of shape, size, design, color or application.

As a former outdoor adventure guide I like the modular concept.  Due to the rough and tumble lifestyle of backpacking, mountaineering, white water kayaking, camping and hiking, on many occasions my glasses have broken simply because the screws vibrated loose.  Even when you feel the screw hit your shoulder and bounce off, the screws are so tiny that they are almost impossible to find while hiking around in the forest.

If you break a lens, side arm or the main frame, you can simply order another one and snap it back into place. Given the pace that I break glasses, my order will include multiple pieces of the items that I break the most so that I have a replacement supply waiting for fast repairs.

One option that I didn’t would be see on their website was an option for sunglasses side arms that float.  I can’t tell you how many times I have leaned over my boat to looking for fish to catch and watched my sunglasses sink into the abyss.

Nuke Optics design seems to be popular with a worldwide audience and they were recently featured in the Washington Post article:  “This entrepreneur in Singapore developed build-your-own sunglasses.”  They also have uploaded a pitch video on YouTube video to get a better view of their new sunglasses: before pre-ordering their sun glasses.

They are also building their sales and distribution networks and are seeking business development partners worldwide.  Their Indiegogo campaign includes two different types of retailer perks for optical retail outlets priced at $1,999 for Dealer Perk  and $7,499 for a Premium Dealer Perk, which includes a custom table, cabinets, displays and marketing posters.

This one of a kind “build-your-own” system,  allows users to see what their sunglasses look like prior to purchase, and allows them to create the perfect pair to fit their personality or needs.

The innovation of the Nuke VENOM Modular System lies in the fact that it is the only fully customizable single modular system in the world designed for spectacles and sunglasses that is screwless, interchangeable and cross-compatible.  Featuring five different frames v2 (spectacles), v4 n(Lifestyle), v41 (lifestyle), v6 (sports), and v8 (safety), four types of lenses and three different temples (v, turbo, and samurai), users can create over one million combinations!

Nuke VENOM revolutionizes the eyewear industry in four key ways:

  • Parts Replacement: If something breaks, users can replace the specific part that is broken.  There will never be a need to buy a totally new pair.

  • Configurations: Chose between “VENOM Basic,” which is meant for those who have a single eyewear need, “VENOM Advance,” which is meant for those who have multiple needs of eyewear, and “VENOM Pro,” which is for couples, families, individuals or teams who have different or same eyewear needs but want it in a single product.

  • Add Ons: All VENOM products, including “safety,” “lifestyle” and “sports” models have the ability to add an rx clip to cater to those who need prescription eyewear.

  • Upgrades: Users can purchase upgrades such as side shields or protective inner sponges when needed.  Or, they can buy a specific part upgrade when Nuke releases a new design.

Nuke Optics is an eyewear company based in Singapore that creates innovative and technically superior sports, prescriptive, lifestyle and safety eyewear that provide optimum protection, maximum performance and full customization through a single modular system.  For more information, visit the company’s website at

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GoGetFunding Infographic Reports Most Successful Statistics on How to Use Crowdfunding to Raise Money Online

17 Dec

GoGetFunding hosts thousands of crowdfunding projects and has helped people from all over the world raise millions online


To help Crowdfunders understand the most successful tips to raise the most money online as possible with their Crowdfunding campaign, GoGetFunding did some of good ol’ fashioned number crunching to see what strategies worked best. They looked at 12,052 fundraising projects and millions of data points within Crowdfunding campaigns to see what really makes a difference when launching fundraising campaigns on Crowdfunding platforms.  Here are the results in one of the best infographics we have seen to date:

GoGetFunding Details How To Raise Money Through Crowdfunding

GoGetFunding Details How To Effectively Raise Money Through Online Crowdfunding Campaigns

Vertical Publishing Crowdfunding Platform,, Helps Writers Raise Money to Fund Writing Projects

9 Dec

How to and Why Authors Should Crowdfund a Book

by Justine Schofield, Pubslush

 The digital age has brought about a rise in self-publishing. Writers now have access to the publishing tools and services that were once monopolized by traditional publishers. Equally as important, the Internet now provides authors with the means to connect with their audience and promote themselves and their books. No longer do writers need the backing of a publisher to make a name for themselves. All they need is Wi-Fi and a keyboard.

Pubslush: Crowdfunding for Books, Authors and Self-Publishers

Pubslush: Crowdfunding to raise money for Books, Authors and Self-Publishers

As with all things, there are, however, disadvantages to self-publishing. The author incurs all the expenses of publishing, which can add up quickly. Most authors publish their book knowing that not only will they possibly not recoup their out of pocket expenses but they also may not generate a profit from sales.  It is a big financial risk for the self-publishing author. However, crowdfunding has introduced a solution to this problem and is quickly becoming the newest staples in the self-publisher’s toolbox. Now authors can not only promote and create their own books, they can fund them as well.

Crowdfunding is a way to fund great new ideas in all creative and business fields and authors are joining the ranks of those finding success in the crowdfunding industry. If an author is going to publish their book, the first step is building their author platform, i.e. connecting with and building their audience, making a name for themselves in the industry, etc. Once they’ve established themselves in the industry, they will need to start promoting their upcoming book. Here’s where crowdfunding enters the publishing equation.

Rather than creating a buzz around their book, authors can now create a buzz around their crowdfunding campaign, which will subsequently promote their book, too. By offering their book as a reward, authors can gain preorders while they’re raising funds. At the end of their campaign, they will have accumulated funds that they can use to publish without digging into their own pocket.

Crowdfunding is a great option for established authors, too. The crowdfunding industry is very up and coming and people get excited about supporting projects and being a part of the creation process. Conducting a crowdfunding campaign will give any author a badge of recognition and something that differentiates them from other authors. An author that has already found published success may choose to crowdfund for a cause, raising funds and garnering support for their book and donating a portion or all of the funds to a philanthropic organization. Plus, established authors can offer some really cool rewards, like meet and greets, signed copies of the book, or an invite to the book launch party. Win-win for everyone.

Although the big name platforms are getting a lot of attention, there are smaller, specialized platforms that cater to specific niches, like Pubslush, a global crowdfunding platform for books only. At Pubslush we work solely with writers, publishers, and other industry professionals. Our goal is to create a vibrant community where readers are the gatekeepers and writers are able to publish more successfully.

As a niche platform we are able to offer author-oriented tools, analytics, and support. We’re also able to offer other specialized features, such as our “Buy” button, that links to an author’s Amazon page once their book is published. We work hard on author education, so that no author launches an uninformed crowdfunding campaign. In addition, our author and publisher support team works closely with every campaign to ensure it’s as successful as possible.

For more information about crowdfunding for authors and publishers and to learn more about the specialized services Pubslush provides visit our site or send us an e-mail at We would love to hear from you!

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Justine Schofield is the development director of Pubslush, a global crowdfunding platform only for books. Authors can raise funds and gauge initial market viability for their book projects. Justine graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA with a degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing and is currently enrolled at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, earning her MFA in Creative Writing. She specializes in social media and public relations and in the past she has worked with growing companies to develop their online presence. Justine has become a prominent industry voice for educating authors and publishers about crowdfunding and her work has been featured on many online publications. Crowdfunding Advertising Portal Fights Fraud and Crime With New Social Graphing Tool from Facebook

9 Dec

The nationwide classified advertising site uses  Social Graphing technology from social media networks such as to protect free Crowdfunding campaign advertisements

By Robert Hoskins

Here is a good example of how Crowdfunding platforms should be using social graphing technology from social networks like to let investors/donors research their campaign managers to see who they are and what type of friends, photos and interests they have listed on their Facebook profiles. eCommerce Portal Fights Crime With New Social Graphing Tool to Build Safer Classified Ads to promote Crowdfunding campaigns eCommerce portal fights crime with new social graphing tool to build safer classified ads to promote crowdfunding campaigns

Most people who launch Crowdfunding campaigns do not consider advertising as a way to increase their reach, but using free classified advertising platforms like, crowdfunding campaign managers can place ads in a wide variety of places to increase their crowdfunding profile’s traffic during the bottom of the “U” or lull that many campaigns experience during the middle of their campaign.

Crowdfunding platforms should note how is combating the growing crime wave associated with placing online classified advertisements, by deploying a new four-step verification process that utilizes a sophisticated social graphing tool that offers buyers/sellers a more transparent process to research and complete safer classified advertising sales transactions. The same technology should be used on every Crowdfunding intermediary to let donors/investors cross tab their personal networks on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter to see what contacts their social networks have in common. uses the social graph from Facebook’s API to showcase relationships between users. The social graph is a digital map of both party’s friends and how they relate to one another. It integrates information from each user’s profiles giving buyers a sense of confidence with whom they are purchasing from, and sellers will have transparency of who is their buyer.

When buyers and sellers have overlapping networks, automatically displays people that appear in both people’s networks. Users can then verify a person’s identity or at a minimum get a sense of the person they are dealing with by reviewing their friends, photos, and other interests that are highlighted on their Facebook pages.

“As we’ve been building our classified advertisement posting portal, we set Google alerts to monitor news stories posted about, and others,” said Greg Sullivan,’s CEO. “The number of crime related stories we discovered was astounding from people who were robbed at gun point, raped or murdered because of a classified ad they listed or responded too.”

“If these customers had used’s social graphing technology to review the each other’s profiles before their meeting, they could have avoided questionable individuals,” Sullivan continued. “Our new social graph verification system makes it easier to track and eliminate people who are posting ads for fake DNA tests, positive pregnancy tests or participating in human trafficking, prostitution, scams and other types of fraudulent or illegal activities.”

As the Christmas and holiday seasons approach, offers a safe place to post classified ads to buy, sell and shop for great deals on affordable iPhones, iPads, Xboxs, Play Station 4s, cars/trucks for salehomes for salerooms for rentvacation rentals and post free job listings. is a classified advertisement posting community based in Florida that offers homes for sale, vacation rentals, apartments for rent, autos, jobs, and more than 91 different categories of products and services. Customers can place their advertisement for free or place premium advertisements on the ecommerce portal to attract buyers worldwide and is 100% free to use. Third-party classified advertising sites are welcome to upload their inventory for free to increase their customer’s exposure. Visit for more information.

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