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Front Page PR Unveils Crowdfunding PR Program for Crowdfunding Platforms that Pays for Itself

6 May

Using Front Page PR’s Affiliate Crowdfunding Marketing Program,  Crowdfunding Platforms Can Earn a 10% Monthly Commission from All Crowdfunding Campaign Business Referrals

Austin, Texas (May 7, 2013)Front Page PR, one of America’s top Crowdfunding PR firms, announced a new affiliate Crowdfunding marketing program that provides a large portfolio of marketing services that Crowdfunding platforms can use to generate significant revenue to fund their own large-scale PR and marketing campaigns.

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

“The most critical aspect of developing  a successful Crowdfunding platform is to generate a large subscriber base of participating donors or equity investors who are visiting a Crowdfunding website on a daily basis looking for innovative Crowdfunding campaigns to invest in,” said Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR’s Director of Crowdfunding PR/Media Relations. “Even on Kickstarter, which has four times more traffic than its nearest competitor, Indiegogo, more than 60% of their Crowdfunding campaigns due to the lack of properly planned PR, media relations and email marketing campaigns which are needed to reach potential donors/investors with a high propensity to donate to their Crowdfunding campaigns.”

“Like many small businesses, many Crowdfunding campaign managers make the fatal decision to save money by trying to handle the social media, PR and media relations on their own and in the process shoot themselves in the foot,” Hoskins continued. “It is a very wise decision to hire a professional PR firm that can help them write a dynamite Crowdfunding profile, implement donor/investor email marketing campaigns and generate positive publicity through Search Engine Optimized (SEO) press releases and a serious media relations database of well-established media contacts that cover the Crowdfunding industry.”

Front Page PR’s marketing affiliate program pays a 10% monthly commission for all Crowdfunding campaign referrals. A serious Crowdfunding PR campaign retainer fee for a 30-day campaign is around $5,000, which comes with a successful publicity guarantee.   Once a Crowdfunding platform starts referring a minimum of ten Crowdfunding clients per month that sign contracts, they qualify for their own free Crowdfunding platform marketing programs.

The benefit of signing up for Front Page PR’s Crowdfunding marketing services is that overnight a Crowdfunding platform can go from zero to fifty press releases per month, which will include two links back to the individual fundraising profiles.

The good news is that Front Page PR’s Crowdfunding affiliate marketing has no start-up fees.  Crowdfunding platforms simply add a Crowdfunding Press Center to their website complete with a Crowdfunding business lead referral form.

Front Page PR provides a media clip report to both Crowdfunding clients as well as the Crowdfunding platform owners to be able to track the success rate of their Crowdfunding PR and marketing programs.  A typical Crowdfunding campaign should plan to spend 5% of the amount they plan to raise on marketing to ensure a successful campaign.  To learn more click to contact Front Page PR.

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