CrowdIt Offers First 64 Submitted Crowdfunding Projects Complimentary Publicity

13 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

CrowdIt announced that it will provide free media exposure to the first 64 crowdfunding projects that are submitted to its site by June 1.  As an extra incentive to Dreamers interested in promoting their next big idea, CrowdIt will offer exposure by including a description of and a link to their project in a series of upcoming news announcements that will be distributed nationally, across the web and to targeted journalists across the country. Projects must be fully submitted in order to receive the no-charge publicity.

CrowdIt Offers Crowdfunding Projects Complimentary Publicity

CrowdIt Offers Crowdfunding Projects Complimentary Publicity

“CrowdIt is all about helping people bring their ideas to fruition,” said Jason Graf , co-founder and CEO. “Small business is the lifeblood of our economy and whatever we can do to support the creation and nurturing of projects and ideas can help turn them into thriving entities for future job creation and economic stimulation.”

Graf says the reason they selected the first “64” projects is because it mirrors the number of CrowdIt’s official launch date, June 4 (6/4). CrowdIt already has more than 200 people signed up on its site and is well underway in receiving submitted projects – all of which will have the same opportunity for added exposure.

“We are more than mid-way in reaching our goal for submitted projects and want to provide support to those Dreamers who believe in the power of the crowd and what a virtual incubator, like CrowdIt, can offer,” he said.

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