SirenGPS Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to Enable Emergency First Responders to Arrive Faster

8 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

SirenGPS, a start-up software company looking to revolutionize emergency communication and response, will raise development funds of$150,000 in 28 days on the increasingly popular crowdfunding site Siren’s “crowdfunding campaign” can be found at

SirenGPS: Emergency Communication Software

SirenGPS: Emergency Communication Software

Paul Rauner, institutional insurance industry expert and SirenGPS founder, started the company because he identified gaps in existing community emergency response systems that today’s advanced digital technologies can solve. Simply put: Using SirenGPS, first responders can get to the scene of a crisis faster. “The goal of what we’re doing is to take advantage of today’s smartphone technology to get help there faster,” Rauner says. “That will save lives.”


  • SirenGPS Taps Fund-Raising Innovator Indiegogo For 28-Day Quest to Raise Funds
  • Technologically Cutting Edge School and Community Safety Application Currently Being Field-Tested by Nationally Recognized Emergency Management Experts
  • Location Information Instantly Shared to First Responders When You Dial or text 911 From a Smartphone
  • Instantly Notify Emergency Contacts When the Unthinkable Occurs

Rauner’s patent pending software is designed to help schools, hospitals and communities improve response times by connecting smartphones to emergency services. “Smartphones pick up your location so accurately that we use them as our primary navigation devices,” Rauner notes. “But as of today, emergency dispatch does not have your exact location when you call 911.”

Using over $500,000 in initial investments, Siren has undertaken several rounds of prototyping, testing, and feedback from law enforcement and safety experts. As a result, Siren is now prepared to complete a final stage of development on two products: Siren Emergency and Siren Safety Circle.

Siren Emergency is a web based emergency management platform that connects first responders, tracks first responder resources and enables comprehensive community communication.

Siren’s second product, Siren Safety Circle, connects friends and family, allowing them to stay connected in an emergency using group text, push to talk, location sharing and letting each other know when they call or text 911.

Indiegogo is the world’s largest self-serve open-funding platform offering rewards in exchange for contributions. For as little as$25 you can contribute to making schools safer and receive Safety Circle at a reduced, pre-sale price. For a more significant contribution you can make a school safer with a subscription to Siren Emergency.

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