LinkMe Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch World’s Smallest Wrist Messaging Systems

17 Mar

By R. Louise Sparrow

One of the world’s first smart wrist billboards, LinkMe, launched on Kickstarter this month.  Making your entire social life available to you with just a glance at your wrist, LinkMe is designed to overcome the one issue we all face in our wired world: how to filter out the signal from the noise.  The innovative product created by Matt Sandy and Colin Glaum provides the solution to how we can stay in contact with those closest to us in situations when it might not be politically correct to do so.  LinkMe allows you to get the messages that matter most, exactly when you need them.

LinkMe Message Bracelets on Kickstarter

LinkMe Message Bracelets on Kickstarter

Whether in meetings or lunching with a colleague, being tethered to your smart phone can be frustrating.  The phantom vibrations in your pocket, or worse, the actual missed message that you wish had magically popped up to the top of your different feeds can be frustrating.  With the LinkMe bracelet, those issues have been solved.

Developed by veteran inventor and consumer display technologist with over 30 years of experience and fifty patents Tim Goldburt, LinkMe features a high performance light-emitting diode display housed in sleek, low profile design that translates and displays the messages and alerts you choose.  LinkMe works wirelessly with your smartphone to allow you to select whose messages you automatically want to receive.  The product is elliptical, not circular, to match the shape of the wrist.

After creator Matt Sandy received his MBA from Columbia University, he built high-tech start ups commercializing innovative technologies over the past ten years, including the launch of MEDEA Vodka. His experience includes over six years overseeing manufacturing, production and development of novel display applications.

Having served as the creative director of several leadings firms (OgilvyAction, Rapp Collins, Young & Rubicam), Colin Glaum is a creative guru of innovative consumer products. His direct experience involves bringing killer ideas with the potential to positively enhance the consumer experience to life.

The first 500 people to pledge at least $99 on LinkMe’s Kickstarter page will receive the product in August 2013.  Subsequent backers will receive LinkMe in September 2013.  Potential applications of LinkMe are numerous: concerts, sports stadiums, charitable causes, fraternities/sororities, safety, security and more. 

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