FaithLauncher Announces Crowdfunding Site for Christian Authors, Faith Inspired Film Makers and Ministries

6 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

FaithLauncher and UnKonventional Media have officially teamed up to create a new Crowdfunding site to empower Christians everywhere to take action, build God’s Kingdom, and positively influence the culture around them. By equipping big thinkers with all the tools they need including a platform, coaching, and added visibility, entrepreneurs can make their dreams a reality.

FaithLaunchers Crowdfunding Site for Christian Authors, College Students, Faith Inspired Filmmakers, Ministries, and Entrepreneurs

FaithLaunchers Crowdfunding Site for Christian Authors, College Students, Faith Inspired Filmmakers, Ministries, and Entrepreneurs

Christian authors, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians, artists, entertainers, ministries, and other faith-based projects can all use FaithLauncher to build a project, engage supporters, and see their funding goal reached.

“FaithLauncher is a great organization!”said Allysen Kerr, UnKonventional Media’s Founder. “It’s amazing when the Lord orders your steps and brings an exceptional opportunity to have a long lasting affect on our communities.” FaithLauncher’s mission is to assist anyone with a faith inspired idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign and raise money quickly and securely. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, FaithLauncher empowers project owners to engage supporters, build a community, and offers them valuable coaching and tools throughout the process.

“FaithLauncher and UnKonventional Media are not only compatible, our values match perfectly when it comes to helping people achieve great things because they want to glorify God,” FaithLauncher Founder and CEO, Fernando Chavez noted. UnKonventional Media plans to provide preferred pricing for creative services to FaithLauncher’s partners. “We also would like to offer special incentives to those individuals who subscribe to Adapt Magazine through FaithLauncher,” Kerr added.

Overturning barriers to start a faith-based enterprise is a journey Kerr strongly relates to. She launched Adapt Magazine in college and continues to grow it in tandem with her graphic design business. As a young student, she pushed through fears doubts and insecurities, but cheerfully affirms that God was very gracious with her and showed her it was going to take off no matter what. “I feel like I had no choice! UnKonventional Media started last year, [2012].”

Kerr’s desire to help college students succeed both in their faith and their careers stems from a deep personal compassion and calling. As a flourishing Christian businesswoman, she understands the importance of providing effective content and building strong community resources to get them there.

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