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CapLinked Enables Crowdfunding Platforms to Close Business Transactions Faster, Exchange Files Securely and Manage More Deals

6 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

CapLinked announced the launch of its new suite of enterprise features to provide cloud-based Crowdfunding platforms with business transactions that are simple and secure. The tools include powerful new options for reporting, file management, and discussions, as well as first-of-its-kind functionality for managing deals on an iPad.

The company—whose investors and founding team include early employees from PayPal—continues to challenge the legacy virtual data room (VDR) services with its elegant product for coordinating on complex business deals such as asset sales, financing and mergers & acquisitions.

CapLinked’s gives Crowdfunding Platforms a Much-Needed Option to Virtual Data Rooms

CapLinked’s gives Crowdfunding Platforms a Much-Needed Option to Monitor Virtual Data Rooms

Separately, CapLinked also announced several new clients using their software, including: Crowdfunding Service Provider (CSP) AI Verified information, Thomson Reuters, Sun Capital Partners Private Equity Firm, NextView Ventures, and investment bank Equity Partners CRB.

CapLinked enables its clients to close business transactions faster, exchange files securely, and manage more deals at any given time. And the company’s new enterprise features promise to make it even easier to securely manage transactions:

  •  iPad Compatibility: Unlike virtual data rooms, CapLinked’s web application has been optimized for use on iOS tablets, making for a seamless experience on-the-go.
  • Enhanced Reports: Workspace administrators can view and download activity reports that establish a thorough audit trail.
  • Bulk Uploading: Transporting an entire folder structure with all of its files into a CapLinked workspace is now secure and frustration free.
  • Conversations: Parties can now reply to updates from workspace administrators directly on CapLinked, making communication secure and trackable.
  • Custom Branding: Clients can enjoy a fully branded experience with their logo and colors throughout CapLinked’s website and email notifications.
  • Investor Reporting: Fund managers and financial institutions can automate splitting PDF documents into individual reports for multiple investors.

“CapLinked’s rapid innovation gives companies and funds a much-needed option to virtual data rooms,” says CapLinked CEO Eric M. Jackson. Business intelligence analyst IBIS World estimates that VDR industry sales will grow by 16% this year to nearly $730 million.

The lion’s share of all revenue is captured by three large players: IntraLinks, Merrill Datasite, and RR Donnelly’s Venue. But a lack of competition has also lead to a lack of innovation, resulting in low customer satisfaction and frequent complaints of difficult-to-use products. Sticker shock is also a frequent problem for clients, who are surprised to learn that VDRs often charge by the page, an unheard of practice in an era where data storage is measured in gigabytes.

“Storing secure data in the cloud for a complex business transaction has nothing in common with getting photocopies at Kinko’s, but virtual data rooms are pricing it the same way,” says Jackson. “Their pricing and technology are hold-overs from the 1990s—it goes to show how they have been shielded from competition for too long. CapLinked is going to change that. Our powerful, intuitive tools make it easy for people across multiple organizations to collaborate on transactions and share sensitive information, and our pricing is completely transparent.”

CapLinked customers can create a workspace for deal management or investor reporting with the click of a button. Customizable templates help expedite the process of organizing files, and a clean, modern interface makes it intuitive to control permissions. And with its new enterprise features, CapLinked now has the most powerful suite of tools for managing transactions available on the market. Training to use CapLinked only takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

CapLinked’s cloud-based enterprise platform that makes business transactions simple and secure. CapLinked is used by companies for managing M&A transactions, raising capital, selling assets, updating investors, and conducting due diligence.

The company was founded in 2010 by Eric M. Jackson (PayPal’s first head of US marketing and author of the award-winning book The PayPal Wars) and Christopher Grey (former senior private equity executive and managing director at a subsidiary of Emigrant Bank).

Its investors include FF Angel, Hercules Growth Fund, Siemer Ventures, 500 Startups, and Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal. The Wall Street Journal called CapLinked “the go-to place for setting up and closing deals,” and Inc. named CapLinked to its list of “5 Back-Office Tech Innovations.”


FaithLauncher Announces Crowdfunding Site for Christian Authors, Faith Inspired Film Makers and Ministries

6 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

FaithLauncher and UnKonventional Media have officially teamed up to create a new Crowdfunding site to empower Christians everywhere to take action, build God’s Kingdom, and positively influence the culture around them. By equipping big thinkers with all the tools they need including a platform, coaching, and added visibility, entrepreneurs can make their dreams a reality.

FaithLaunchers Crowdfunding Site for Christian Authors, College Students, Faith Inspired Filmmakers, Ministries, and Entrepreneurs

FaithLaunchers Crowdfunding Site for Christian Authors, College Students, Faith Inspired Filmmakers, Ministries, and Entrepreneurs

Christian authors, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians, artists, entertainers, ministries, and other faith-based projects can all use FaithLauncher to build a project, engage supporters, and see their funding goal reached.

“FaithLauncher is a great organization!”said Allysen Kerr, UnKonventional Media’s Founder. “It’s amazing when the Lord orders your steps and brings an exceptional opportunity to have a long lasting affect on our communities.” FaithLauncher’s mission is to assist anyone with a faith inspired idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign and raise money quickly and securely. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, FaithLauncher empowers project owners to engage supporters, build a community, and offers them valuable coaching and tools throughout the process.

“FaithLauncher and UnKonventional Media are not only compatible, our values match perfectly when it comes to helping people achieve great things because they want to glorify God,” FaithLauncher Founder and CEO, Fernando Chavez noted. UnKonventional Media plans to provide preferred pricing for creative services to FaithLauncher’s partners. “We also would like to offer special incentives to those individuals who subscribe to Adapt Magazine through FaithLauncher,” Kerr added.

Overturning barriers to start a faith-based enterprise is a journey Kerr strongly relates to. She launched Adapt Magazine in college and continues to grow it in tandem with her graphic design business. As a young student, she pushed through fears doubts and insecurities, but cheerfully affirms that God was very gracious with her and showed her it was going to take off no matter what. “I feel like I had no choice! UnKonventional Media started last year, [2012].”

Kerr’s desire to help college students succeed both in their faith and their careers stems from a deep personal compassion and calling. As a flourishing Christian businesswoman, she understands the importance of providing effective content and building strong community resources to get them there.

Revel Body Promises Good Vibrations to Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Funders

6 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

Revel Body launched a new Indiegogo campaign to help bring the world’s first sonic vibrator™ to America’s bedrooms. The first major development in vibrator technology in nearly 50 years, the Revel Body sonic vibrator will offer more than three times the vibration range of today’s battery powered vibrators. Pulling inspiration from an unlikely source – sonic toothbrushes – the TrueSonic® adjustable resonating motor is the first of its kind, solving many of the issues seen with conventional battery powered vibrators while adding a lot more fun and excitement.

Revel Body Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Make World’s First Sonic Vibrator

Revel Body Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Make World’s First Sonic Vibrator

“We realized the majority of devices in this big, competitive industry all use the same class of rotary motors, and basically all experienced the same issues,” said Robin Elenga, founder and CEO of Revel Body. “Companies compete on everything from color and shape to packaging and price, but never vibration. Yet, vibration is the primary function of these devices. We knew we could build a better motor and product that together, would offer users increased sensation and a better experience overall.”

Research and focus groups led to the discovery of five main issues with today’s conventional battery-powered vibrators: noise, battery-life, reliability, ergonomics and a limited range of vibration. The Revel Body sonic vibrator and TrueSonic technology – the result of nearly two years of research and product testing – solve many of these issues by offering more power, less noise, wider range of vibration, longer lifespan and a thoughtful design.

Unlike traditional rotary motors, which typically vibrate at a range of about 60-100Hz, TrueSonic resonating motors provide a significantly wider range of vibration – adjustable between 24-200Hz* – and substantially more power than any other battery-powered vibrator. With only a single moving part, TrueSonic motors are also extremely quiet and efficient, lasting at least four times longer than traditional rotary motors.

Compared to current vibrator technology, the TrueSonic technology and Revel Body sonic vibrator will offer:

  •     More than 200 percent wider vibration range
  •     90 percent reduction in noise
  •     50 percent more power
  •     80 percent less vibration to the hand

In addition to revolutionizing the technology, Revel Body hopes to use its products to raise awareness for sexual wellness. Working with the leading experts in the industry, such as renowned sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Revel Body has focused on developing an approachable product, one that worked for everyone and helped erase the stigma around ‘”sex toys.” The Revel Body’s spherical shape is easy to handle and is made from high-grade body-safe silicon avoiding the use of phthalates, nickel-plated parts and other harmful chemicals.

Revel Body is now pursuing an Indiegogo campaign to bring its revolutionary product and technology to market. By funding the project, backers allow Revel Body to overcome the hurdles of manufacturing, as well as open the door for TrueSonic technology to be introduced into a host of new and exciting products.

“We’re on a mission to develop innovative technology and amazing products that make people’s lives better. Incidentally, we don’t think of what we make as sex toys,” added Elenga. “We think of them as lifestyle products that enhance sexual wellbeing for women, men and couples. By funding our campaign, you allow us to focus on driving the change to better, more adaptable sexual wellness products, and make a lot of people very happy in the process.” is a crowdfunding platform that allows companies like Revel Body to raise money for a project or product before it is created. Interested individuals can financially back Revel Body at various levels, and if the project’s $100,000 goal is met, backers receive a reward that corresponds with their level of support, with pledges starting as low as $5.

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