Beta Crowdfunding Portal Opens Doors in Wyoming

1 Mar

By Robert Hoskins announces the launch of its open beta online platform where individuals can fund any investment project, invention, or idea and charities and sponsorships can create a campaign to raise funds for their causes. The company encourages project owners to list their projects for free during the beta phase. Announces New Crowdfunding Site in Wyoming Announces New Crowdfunding Site in Wyoming

YourStreet represents a unique variation on popular crowdfunding sites where people can allocate their money to projects, ideas, inventions, and even charities that speak to their interests, beliefs, and needs. The platform is divided into three categories, each designed to serve a specific YourStreet user.

Those with targeted funding goals for ideas, inventions, patents, or products and those looking to fund an idea can visit the “Contribute” section of And those seeking to raise funds or donate to a charitable cause can use YourStreet’s “Assist” area.

“Whether an investment or project owner, or someone looking to assist others financially in the pursuit of their goals, our goal is put people in control of their own futures,” remarks YourStreet founder Ryan Greene. is fully functional during its open beta testing phase and project owners are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to list projects for free during this time. After the beta phase, YourStreet will continue to offer a highly competitive pricing model for all participants.

One Response to “Beta Crowdfunding Portal Opens Doors in Wyoming”

  1. CrowdCrux (@CrowdCrux) March 1, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    This is an interesting hybrid model. I’ve heard a lot of complaints that you can’t raise money on Kickstarter for causes and it seems like YourStreet could help solve this problem. I wonder why Kickstarter shys away from offering for-cause crowdfunding as part of their services.


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