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New Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Offers iPhone and Android Notification Bracelets

1 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

A  new smartphone notification bracelet, branded the EMBRACE+, is the latest and greatest gadget to hit the market in search of Crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The EMBRACE+ is a bracelet that allows users to customize notifications for incoming calls, text messages, social media apps and more. With this new and stylish bracelet, those who want to stay connected can set different colors to flash for different notifications while their iPhone or Android device sits in their purse or pocket.

EMBRACE+ iPhone and Android Notification Bracelet

EMBRACE+ iPhone and Android Notification Bracelet

The MBRACE+ was created by Paul Hornikx and Rudi Beijnen with the intent of keeping the connected generation connected to their smartphone devices no matter what it is they’re doing. Paul and Rudi came up with the idea of EMBRACE+ while laughing about constantly checking their phones while out with friends.

To solve this problem, the duo decided to come up with a solution and EMBRACE+ was born. EMBRACE+ is a stylish bracelet that allows users to customize notifications for incoming calls, text messages, social media apps and more.

With the EMBRACE+ users can set notifications for:

  • Incoming Calls (for Specific Contacts or Groups)
  • Text Messages
  • Email
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype
  • Calendar Alerts (Birthdays, Reminders, etc.)
  • Alarm and Timer
  • Low phone battery
  • Phone out of range

The EMBRACE+ application for iPhone and Android can be customized with a wide variety of skins in different styles and colors. The EMBRACE+ App is flexible and can be customized to set a notification with one color or two different colors. The number of blinks can be set to determine the duration of each blink, the speed interval, the lighting brightness, and a short subtle vibration with the first blink. The RGB color wheel in combination with an additional color picker provides unlimited color options.


Golf Coach Pro iPhone App Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign to Improve Golf Swings

1 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

Athletic Improvement Company is launching its Golf Coach Pro Mobile App on the popular crowd-funding platform on The app is a “golf coach in your pocket” and is priced at $4.99 for iPhone or iPad. The funding campaign runs Feb. 19- March 21, 2013. Investors “perks” include a free copy of the app, non-breakable golf tees, golf towels, and 24 PGA/LPGA swings.

Golf Coach Pro Mobile App Records, analyzes, and compares golf swings on iPhone and iPad

Golf Coach Pro Mobile App Records, analyzes, and compares golf swings on iPhone and iPad

Golf Coach Pro Mobile Golfers enables golfers to improve their swings, by recording, analyzing, and comparing their performance instantly during practice or by comparing themselves to pro players’ swings, which can be downloaded separately. It can be used anywhere, indoors or on the driving range. The app also features a built in range finder, which uses the built in optics of the iPhone.

Athletic Improvement Company CEO Ryan Ditthardt says, “The success of our first app, the iRake Baseball Swing Trainer, showed us the enormous demand for this type of mobile sports app. Any golfer knows you can spend your whole life perfecting your game- well we aim to help you do that faster! With the popularity of golf at an all time high, we’re confident our app will make a lot of people happy.”

Golf Coach Pro Mobile users can compare their own swings side by side with professional players giving them the ability to learn from the pros and develop a more consistent swing. Golfers of all ages and handicaps can use the app, and if you have an iPhone, you definitely need this app.

The Golf Coach Pro Mobile app is priced at $4.99 from the app store in the Sports section.

Golf Coach Pro Mobile Key Features:

  •     Range Finder
  •     Record New Swing
  •     Analyze a Swing
  •     Compare Swing
  •     Purchase Pro Swings
  •     Share Swings
  •     View Swing History

Beta Crowdfunding Portal Opens Doors in Wyoming

1 Mar

By Robert Hoskins announces the launch of its open beta online platform where individuals can fund any investment project, invention, or idea and charities and sponsorships can create a campaign to raise funds for their causes. The company encourages project owners to list their projects for free during the beta phase. Announces New Crowdfunding Site in Wyoming Announces New Crowdfunding Site in Wyoming

YourStreet represents a unique variation on popular crowdfunding sites where people can allocate their money to projects, ideas, inventions, and even charities that speak to their interests, beliefs, and needs. The platform is divided into three categories, each designed to serve a specific YourStreet user.

Those with targeted funding goals for ideas, inventions, patents, or products and those looking to fund an idea can visit the “Contribute” section of And those seeking to raise funds or donate to a charitable cause can use YourStreet’s “Assist” area.

“Whether an investment or project owner, or someone looking to assist others financially in the pursuit of their goals, our goal is put people in control of their own futures,” remarks YourStreet founder Ryan Greene. is fully functional during its open beta testing phase and project owners are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to list projects for free during this time. After the beta phase, YourStreet will continue to offer a highly competitive pricing model for all participants.

Oak Park Cafe Perks up Coffee Connoisseurs in Chicago with Indiegogo Perks-Based Crowdfunding Campaign

1 Mar

New Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign offers coffee drinkers in Chicago a great deal! In honor of their new café in Oak Park, Illinois, Mojo Express is offering an amazing deal to their supporters. Exclusively at Mojo Express’ Indiegogo Campaign, visitors have the opportunity to get unlimited gourmet coffee for the rest of the year, over $500 in value, for only $150. For that low price, supporters get a custom Mojo Express travel mug with unlimited coffee and tea refills through 2014, redeemable at any Mojo Express location.

Mojo Expresss Serves Up Gourmet Coffee to Crowdfunders the Chicago Area via Indiegogo Campaign

Mojo Expresss Serves Up Gourmet Coffee to Crowdfunders in the Chicago Area via Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

“I want to give my customers an awesome deal as a way of saying thanks for loving my mobile coffee bus,” Mojo Express owner Renee Estese-Long commented. The unlimited coffee is just one of several great specials coffee lovers can indulge in. This offer is only available through the company’s Indiegogo campaign.

With the funds raised, Estese-Long will renovate the retail space on Lake Street and turn it into a café the community will love. By offering fantastic promotions all her customers can enjoy, Estese-Long is changing the way people think about Crowdfunding and her coffee. Her goal is to take her popular mobile coffee bus and turn it into a comfortable space the community will come to know and love.

Mojo Express is more than your average coffee shop, serving organic and fair-trade coffees along with delicious sweet potato pies, homemade baked goods and delectable pancakes through a partnership with the other popular Chicago food truck, Babycakes. The company supports small farmers, sustainable coffee, as well as the Lupus community.

Some of the other amazing offers include:

  • For $350, supporters get a limited edition Mojo Express Travel Mug with unlimited coffee for the rest of the year and all of 2014.
  • For $450, supporters get the mug and unlimited coffee described above AND a freshly-baked pie every month for a year.
  • For $5,000, Mojo Express will personally deliver coffee to the supporter and his or her office for an entire year.

Life-Spot Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Unveils Universal Gadget Charging Tower

1 Mar

In today’s world of  iPhones, Androids, Tablets, Kindles and other electronic devices that need to be charged, many kitchen counter tops resemble a a plate of spaghetti.  But with a little luck and plenty of Kickstarter donors, Life-Spot plants to roll out a  highly efficient and universal, multi-unit gadget charging station for the home, office and business.

Life-Spot Universal Charging Station for Household Gadgets

Life-Spot Universal Charging Station for Household Gadgets

With a beautiful, triangular design, Life-Spot allows users to charge up to eight devices at once and each of its storage compartments has a unique, retractable adapter that serves to connect devices easily and safely while keeping the area organized and clutter-free.

With two lightning ports, two 30pin dock connectors and four micro USB ports, Life-Spot can charge anything from phones to tablets, e-readers, iPods, cameras, headsets and other Bluetooth devices, GPS systems, battery packs and more. Life-Spot can also be sat on a table, desk, countertop or even mounted on a wall.

Judith and Aaron Altheim, creators of Life-Spot, came up with the idea while hosting their daughter’s birthday party at their house, and found they were surprised about the number of people asking to borrow a phone charger. However, Judith and Aaron only had two chargers which were not compatible with their cell phone models.

“As a married couple, we’ve been working on this project for two years,” says Altheim. “From the first sketch to the functional prototype, we spent hours and hours to ensure the best quality, most efficient and practical product.”

In order for Judith and Aaron Altheim, creators of Life-Spot, to bring the product to market, they need to raise $50,000 to cover the costs of manufacturing the charging station. The married couple is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on the most popular platform, Kickstarter, in order to raise the necessary funds.

Currently, Life-Spot has raised over $8,000 on Kickstarter, but still needs another $42,000 to make it to production. If you’d like to support this project, visit to learn more, or make a donation in exchange for one of the first products when it hits the market.

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