SeedInvest Raises Bar on Equity Crowdfunding Sites; Adds Portfolio of Investment Services

14 Feb

By Robert HoskinsFront Page PR

SeedInvest launched a new equity-based Crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors to high-quality start-ups and small businesses seeking funding. SeedInvest’s mission is to help both entrepreneurs and investors to leverage the disruptive power of the internet to make it easier for companies to raise capital. The company provides accredited, angel investors access to high-quality, curated opportunities in a myriad of industries across the entire country.

SeedInvest Launches Equity-Based Crowdfunding Platform

SeedInvest Launches Equity-Based Crowdfunding Platform

SeedInvest was founded by professional investors Ryan Feit and James Han. Both worked with The Startup Exemption, the group responsible for bringing the concept of investment crowdfunding to Washington DC and worked with them to get the JOBS Act of 2012 passed.

“As both professional investors and entrepreneurs, James and I experienced first hand the challenges young companies go through trying to raise capital,” said Ryan Feit, CEO and co-founder of SeedInvest. “We believe that entrepreneurship should be about building great companies not about constantly raising money. We developed SeedInvest to level the playing field and make it easier for companies to find capital and for investors to broaden their reach.”

SeedInvest’s innovative, web-based platform removes the traditional barriers for raising money. These include geographical restrictions, deal sourcing, investor sourcing and most importantly the time and effort. The platform has many innovative tools for both investors and companies seeking capital that improve deal flow, simplify the process and speed up investments, including:

  • Advanced Data Room: speeds up due diligence for investors and provides tools for companies to flexibly manage all their materials
  • Investment Dashboard: enables investors to easily manage their investments and collaborate with other investors
  • Virtual Boardroom: provides an interactive interface for companies to manage their investors, provide updates and host virtual due diligence sessions
  • Social Media Tools: empowers investors and entrepreneurs to promote and virally market their companies
  • Execution Tools: simplifies the process of collecting funds and signed legal documents to speed up the investment process

SeedInvest has developed valuable relationships with venture capital firms, angel groups, and individual angel investors across the country. In just the past few weeks, 240 accredited investors looking to collectively invest $16 million per deal registered on the platform. In addition, SeedInvest has been curating unique investment opportunities with several deals already active on the site and more on the way in the next couple weeks.


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