Crowdfunding helps inventors bring ideas to life

13 Feb

by Triangle Business Journal

Attention all inventors who just need a little seed money to get your idea off the ground: Indiegogo – and other crowdfunding services like it – say that if your idea is good enough, you will get the money from ordinary folks.

Crowdfunding Allows Inventors to Bring Creative Ideas to Life

Crowdfunding Allows Inventors to Bring Creative Ideas to Life

Sort of like, if you invent it, the money will come. At least that’s the idea.

Danae Ringelmann co-founded Indiegogo five years ago after she realized that it was really hard for inventors to get funding to grow their ideas from the concept phase to an actual business with manufacturing and sales, etc. Ringelmann spoke at the annual Emerging Issues Forum hosted by the N.C. State University Institute for Emerging Issues. The event this year is focused on manufacturing and is looking at ways for North Carolina to grow as a national manufacturing leader.

On websites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, inventors can post a video of why their invention deserves funding and then just wait for others to donate. It might be $1 or $5 or it might be hundreds – even thousands – of dollars they receive from anyone who likes the idea.

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