Crowdfund Site Seeking Crowdfunders to Launch Crowdfunding Campaigns in Illinois

25 Jan

By Robert Hoskins

Conzortia Business Funding unveils bundle of websites designed to meet the growing crowdfunding marketplace to serve regional customers in Illinois.  Companies, individuals and organizations in Illinois who can look at their capital needs and figure out creative ways to add non-equity perks to their offer can have very successful fundraising campaigns.

Crowdfunding Makes Cents In Land of Lincoln

Crowdfunding Makes Cents In Land of Lincoln

“The Crowdfunding industry is opening doors for not only investors but artists, techies, gamers, and the list goes on,” declares Robert Dobyns, founder of Conzortia. “Talented individuals no longer have to apply a hit-or-miss philosophy to their works of art. Now the people who love their work can give their artistic career a boost via crowdfunding.”

For example, a revolutionary dress shirt design raised around $400,000 via crowd funding recently. A new computer RPG brought in almost $4 million in crowdfunding revenue, as well. And the list goes on and on for smart entrepreneurs raising hundreds of thousands of dollars today with successful crowdfunding projects.

Nearly $2 billion dollars was appropriated by crowdfunding projects last year. Around three billion dollars is expected to be raised using crowdfunding platforms by year’s end.

Dobyns however warns against the idea that crowdfunding is an effortless golden ticket. “There is real work that goes not only into the finished product but the entire crowdfunding effort itself,” Dobyns says. “You have to know what you’re looking for and let people know what it is you’re offering to the world through a crowdfunding portal like CrowdWOWzer.”

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