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Wall Street Journal Recommends Crowdfunding for Hardware and Software Startups

15 Jan

Start With Family, Incubators and Crowdfunding Sites

by Kevin Colleran

Wall Street Journal (1/15/13) – One of the very first hurdles that a new entrepreneur faces is how to find the initial capital necessary to fund the process of building a company. Most entrepreneurs begin using their own money for the initial costs. Eventually, however, the time comes that it no longer makes sense (or is no longer possible) to continue doing this. At this point, entrepreneurs need to figure out a strategy to raise the funds necessary while minimizing disruption of day-to-day business operations. If done incorrectly, fundraising can be incredibly distracting and difficult for the entrepreneur, and can slow any initial momentum that the business has attained. The best options for finding initial angel and seed investors are friends and family, incubators, professional investors and crowdfunding.

A new-but-growing segment of angel and seed investment is crowdfunding. This approach involves a business receiving advance micropayments from the end consumers who will eventually benefit from the product or service being created by the startup company. The most well-known platform for crowdfunding is, which has been used successfully by both hardware and software companies (along with those in the music, art, fashion, film and publishing worlds). The reality is that very few companies can break through the clutter and gain recognition within these systems, but those who do have the unique benefit of knowing that they have an eager fan base of focus-group consumers waiting for their product or service to launch. In the end, that can be an invaluable benefit.

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Front Page PR Rolls Out Crowdfunding PR Service for Crowdfunders Who Want to Launch Successful IndieGoGo, Kickstarter or RocketHub PR Campaigns; Opens Crowdfunding Press Center

15 Jan

Crowdfunding Services Advise Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Inventors on How to Prepare Profiles With SEO, Public Relations, Media Training, Media Relations and Social Networking in Mind

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire – Jan 15, 2013) – Front Page PR, the industry’s #1 crowdfunding PR firm, rolled out a new “Crowdfunding Press Center” ( to help reporters, industry analysts as well as entrepreneurs, small businesses and accredited investors get acclimated to the new equity crowdfunding industry which is about to skyrocket in the United States.

Regardless of whether clients want to raise money successfully using donation-, lending-, perks-, rewards- or equity-based crowdfunding portals, Front Page PR can advise clients on how to build crowdfunding profiles, shoot introductory videos, provide attractive rewards and perks, schedule event and email marketing campaigns to boost the middle of the campaign lull as well as setup campaign fulfillment houses to ensure rapid crowdfunding campaign fulfillment after the deal is done.

“Beginning Crowdfunders usually have a limited marketing budget, which is one of the reasons they turn to Crowdfunding to help them raise enough money to pursue their dreams and bring their creative ideas to fruition,” said Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR’s Director of Media Relations. “Instead of paying $10,000 to $20,000 to hire a cost-prohibitive PR firm, our team of media professionals will share our expertise, PR templates, strategies, databases and media pitching secrets, which have generated more than $30 million worth of positive publicity for our clients over the past 20 years.”

Many people think that securing positive stories in the press necessitates a miracle, but in reality it is really just a simple process of understanding what the media needs to do their job. The media is always searching for a great story that teaches their readers something important.

The crowdfunding industry is expected to grow rapidly into a $300 billion investment industry. Front Page PR is currently seeking seasoned marketing professionals to fill PR, media relations, investor relations, social media networking and digital content management roles to help us scale to meet the skyrocketing market demand for professional crowdfunding marketing and PR experts. Forward resumes to the email below.

In addition, we provide white-labeled marketing programs for all crowdfunding portals that want to increase their platform client’s crowdfunding success rate.

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Robert Hoskins
Front Page PR
East Coast: (512) 627-6622
West Coast: (602) 326-0940

AOL-Cofounder Steve Case Points Out Frustration with SEC’s Lethargic Pace on Crowdfunding Guidelines

15 Jan
 By , @TechFlashDC
Washington Business Journal (1/14/13)  –  The SEC is dragging its feet on hashing out the rules for equity crowdfunding, and thekvetching from crowdfunding advocates is growing louder. Mary Schapiro stepping down as SEC chairwoman hasn’t exactly lifted hopes that the agency will produce a set of rules in a timely fashion.

AOL co-founder and Revolution Growth Partner Steve Case, a major backer of the JOBS Act, is among those who remain optimistic – though he certainly hears the frustration. Here’s what he told reporters on a conference call Monday afternoon:

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The Best Crowdfund Shopping TV Channel Yet

15 Jan Easily track success of crowdfunded projects

by @sonyinsider

Want to follow the crowdfunded projects that actually captured consumer interest? Check out, a new site that only displays ready (or near-ready) endeavors from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

There’s a certain sense of wonder and excitement that arises when keeping tabs on the latest and greatest Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. Browsing those marketplaces, I often ask myself, “Will they stay, or will they go?”

The new Web site features a visual directory of successful crowdfunded darlings, which you can browse according to availability — such as projects available now or those still in preorder status. Any projects currently seeking money won’t even show up on the site, meaning Outgrow acts as an easy way to wade through all of the noise and buy some potentially cutting-edge products ready for prime time.

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SOLOSHOT – Go Film Yourself… Automatically

15 Jan

SOLOSHOT automatically rotates your camera to keep it pointed at you, from a distance, with NO camera operator.

SOLOSHOT is great for filming a variety of outdoor activities from your surf sessions to your kid’s little league soccer games, without the pain of someone having to hold a camera for hours. It’s also great for making amateur films and professional documentaries too.

SOLOSHOT consists of a waterproof and shockproof “Armband” worn by the subject and a “Base” tripod that your camera attaches to. After an initial two step pairing process, your Base will automatically rotate to continually keep your camera pointed at your Armband. Any camera that can mount to a standard tripod will attach to the SOLOSHOT Base. The pairing process ensures that no matter how many SOLOSHOTs are in the vicinity, your camera only follows you!

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Crowdfunding ice begins to melt reports St. Louis Business Journal

15 Jan

Regulator asks for input from
prospective crowdfunding portals


St. Louis Business Journal (1/14/13) –  A month ago we told you it’s coming, and now it’s here. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has released an interim application for prospective funding portals, entities which will serve as middlemen between investors and companies looking for funding under rules proposed in the JOBS Act.

The FINRA interim application is a voluntary request-for-information from companies who plan on registering as funding portals. The organization will use data from the applications in cooperation with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is responsible for writing the rules.

In the application FINRA asks prospective funding portals to explain their business model and how they plan to protect investors from potential fraud and work with securities dealers and escrow agents to securely process transactions.

FINRA also wants to know if would-be funding portals plan to make money via commissions, referral fees or flat fees and whether they will charge the investor or the company for using their services.

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