iPower Everywhere Gadget, Power for People on the Go

25 Dec

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1 watt LED

iPower Product Benefits REAL QUICK (full outline below)

  • Power two USB devices at once
  • Super huge 2800mah internal battery
  • 1watt LED Flashlight in case of blackout
  • FM Digital Tuner for pleasure or emergency
  • 3.5″ Input jack for iTunes or Streaming Music
  • Solar and Hand Power charging for emergencies
  • Smallest device in the market with these features

Where do you power? iPOWER Everywhere…

The Concept:

The idea for iPower came two years ago as we prepared for our honeymoon. My wife and I are a little gadget crazy and are unwilling to part with our devices where ever we go. Except this time we needed to pack light as we had multiple legs to our trip and luggage space was very limited.

It bugged me that we had to compromise but when we arrived and I had realized we didn’t have a voltage converter for some of our stops I was livid with myself. I kept asking why no one made a small portable travel friendly device that could eliminate some of the extra devices we were bringing and power them at the same time.

On the 12 hour plane ride home to LAX (our first leg) I started using google Sketch to mock up what I thought would be a good device for what I was aiming for. Something light, travel friendly and portable that would work ANYWHERE in the world

The design evolved over the course of two years as I would constantly scour the internet trying to find what I was seeking and the closest things I found seemed to be emergency radios or massive in your face devices I would not take out anywhere in public

I have always been a fan of design but at the same time love something that is simple. Simple has always appealed to me. I would ask work mates and friends what would they want in this type of device and of course I got everything from opinions to solid feed back. It was up to me to decide what to include and what to cut. This of course meant constant changes to multiple prototypes. I was thankful we had the resources handy and the experience in this field to do such a task.

So for the last six months I have been carrying around my iPower and using it in all different scenarios. I wanted to live with it. Then right before Halloween this year, Hurricane Sandy came in like a lion and brought havoc to the eastern seaboard. We were without power for days and watched countless people left without communication as their smart devices had run out of power. On the other hand I had my iPower doing what I needed it to do without fail. It was then that I decided it was time for the world to meet iPower Everywhere.

The Product:

Sitting on a tiny foot print. No bigger than a Kindle and no wider thicker than a pack of smokes, it also fits neatly into a purse, briefcase or laptop bag. I bring mine just about everywhere.

After two years I finally had finalized the specifications I wanted and met both size and weight criteria I had set out from the beginning.

Product Specifications:

1 Watt High Efficiency LED Bulb with custom-designed lens cover to ensure uniform and balanced lighting.

1500Mah Rechargeable Battery to replenish your electronic devices stand-alone or during trickle charge replenishment. * WE HAVE NOW UPGRADED TO A 2800MAH since taping of this video as we have found a new battery vendor and i have moved the recoil of the hand press up half and inch!

Digital PLL FM Tuner with Forward and Reverse Tune and Scan function. No ugly visible antenna. With Volume Control.

5V-9V DC Input for recharging internal battery and attached devices. Power adapter is included.

3.5” Mini input for MP3, Telephony, iTunes or other playback from a dedicated internal speaker. Will work with mono or stereo devices. With Volume Control.

Dual 5.5V USB output jacks for powering or charging up to two USB devices at once. USB board is Apple device friendly.

Emergency hand pump to replenish battery by human power for emergency situations.

Mini Solar panel to charge internal battery with UL Lighting or ambient solar rays.

Dedicated function select switch to avoid phantom loads.

Dedicated power button to safe guard battery drainage.

Light weight design that comes in under the weight of two cellphones.

Stylish design and travel friendly.

Where we are now?

At this stage we are done with moulds minus some refining to make finish even better. I have finished my last design on the PCB board. You can see this being demonstrated on the video above. Yes I know the video is very long but I wanted to make sure the video was about the product and nothing else. I also wanted you to know we have gotten to this stage in the game because we have invested not only time but a substantial financial investment.

Why we are on Indiegogo is so that people like us can see a product we know is invaluable. We want to offer early adopters like ourselves the chance of having the very first batch. In fact despite being able to produce up to 50,000 units a month our factory has agreed to do as little as 500 as they see the value in our product and know it will be a long term successful item.

I think after watching our 14 minute video above, we have covered every aspect of this project.

So please take this ride with us. Let us help you travel lighter and easier. Let us entertain you when you are at the beach, fishing on the water or just lounging around. Most importantly let us keep those hard working portable devices going at times they are needed most. I know I iPower Everywhere … will you?
About Me

Brian McLoughlin

Brian is a graduate from the University of Arizona in Tempe, AZ. He studied broadcast engineering and communications while working at local Arizona based electronic firms. During college he worked as a sound engineer doing concert staging and video playback systems. He also helped design custom audio and video systems for local public venues. His passion for custom electronics was born the year before he graduated when we toured the Rockford Fosgate factory in Mesa, AZ. He was intrigued by the developement department and made friends during his visit. This spawned backyard competitions where friends would modify cheap electronic devices to perform closer to a higher end unit in the same category.

After graduation Brian returned to NY to pursue his passion. Since 2002 he has helped design control systems for clients such as Pyramid Leasing, BMW North America, Volvo North America, and custom security control systems for leading INC 100 CEO’s. He enjoys the challenge of making ordinary devices perform to the limits of their design. His passion has fueled many different inventions that he is constantly tinkering with in his home “lab”. His hope is to one day create items that serve a purpose at a price anyone can afford.

Brian first envisioned the iPower while traveling on his honeymoon. Since then, he has been obsessed with the fact that too many technologies are wasted in most modern devices. He believes that inspritation comes from personal experiences and without failure there can be no success.

Brian brings the experience in modifying and tinkering with normal household items to this field. He has been part of the custom electronics industry for 12 years now and has enjoyed great success helping many NY based private electronic firms build next level designs. His goal is to one day work for himself with the one goal: making the gadgets we love more affordable.


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