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How Crowdfund Investing Helps Solve Three Socioeconomic Challenges

21 Dec

How Crowdfund Investing Helps
Solve Three Pressing Socioeconomic Challenges

History of the U.S. Crowdfunding Industry

Looking for information on the evolution of the crowdfunding industry in the United States?  The Crowdfund Capital Advisors was formed by the principal parties that worked the United States Congress to solve one America’s biggest problems, raising venture capital for small businesses.  Without a source of start-up capital hundreds of thousands of Americans with great business ideas will never get off the ground.  That means very few new jobs will be created.

The U.S. Jobs Act 2012

The JOBS Act was signed into law by President Obama on April 5, 2012.  And as soon as the SEC issues the final regulatory guidelines by which all crowdfunding platforms must abide, 98% more unaccredited Americans will be able to invest up to $2,000 per year in their favorite start-up companies.  The other 2% of accredited investors will be able to invest an unlimited amount.

$300 Billion Private Stimulus Package

Why is that important? If Americans invest just 1% of their savings via crowdfund investing, this policy change will deliver over $300 billion to the small businesses, which will stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation.  These results are achieved without any US government spending, which means taxpayers won’t have to foot the bill.  More importantly, instead of the U.S. Government steering America, the citizens will decide where to put their hard-earned dollars to work.  Not just to help out their favorite businesses, but to do what Americans do best; make money.

Jump Starting America’s Economy

And when people start pooling their money together to give start-ups the venture capital small business needed to get started, hundreds of thousands of them are going to open up shop, rent office space, buy office supplies, buy a fleet of cars and the tools their workers will need to do their work and, of course, they are going to hire lots of the new people to help them run their business.  And when all those new workers start making money, what will they do with it? Spend of course and that is going inject lots of money back into the economy and jump start America’s economy.

Read the Crowdfunding Research Report

This is just a prelude to what is inside this research report. We highly recommend you read the full history of the pioneers of the crowdfunding industry and why both side of Congress agreed and made this one of fastest bills every pushed through Congress.

Click to download a copy.

How Crowdfunding Helps Solve Three Pressing Socioeconomic Challenges

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