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Miami Herald Builds a Case for Crowdfunding

31 Dec

Building a case for crowdfunding

 By Ina Paiva Cordle

Miami Herald – Sherwood Neiss is passionate about entrepreneurship. And he has helped lead the charge to change nearly 80-year-old federal securities laws about investing, so that entrepreneurs can gain access to capital.

Called crowdfunding, the changes will allow small investors to fund start-up businesses, hopefully creating jobs and boosting the economy in the process.

Earlier this month, while Neiss was in Dubai speaking at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, we emailed him questions. Here are his edited responses.Q. Please tell me about your entrepreneurial background.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I was the kid selling lollipops in elementary school, mowing lawns in high school and selling T-shirts to get through grad school. I learned early on that input drives output and nothing happens of its own accord.

I helped co-found a company, FLAVORx, based in Washington, D.C. FLAVORx solved the problem of getting kids to take yucky tasting medicine. By the time we sold the company in 2007, we’d gone from two to 50 employees and one to 40,000 pharmacies, including the nation’s biggest retail chains like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.

Q. Please explain what crowdfunding is and how you became involved.

Crowdfunding is where a group of people pool money together to help fund someone with an idea. As a concept it isn’t new. Prior to 1900, Savings and Building Associations allowed communities to come together to finance home purchases. Charity events and political contributions are also forms of crowdfunding.

Kickstarter launched the current crowdfunding movement in the past five years. I became involved because, with the collapse of the financial markets in 2008 and the recession, everyone was talking about jobs.

My peers Jason Best, Zak Cassady-Dorion and I (all entrepreneurs) understood that the only way out of the recession was to create jobs. Jobs provide wages, and people use those wages to buy goods and services. Money flowing through the system will improve the economy.

However, in order to create jobs, businesses need access to capital. And with the financial meltdown this capital evaporated. We understood that we needed to get capital flowing to small businesses.

Frustration also helps. I won a startup weekend event here in Miami. A crowd of people thought I had a winning idea for a company – using smart phones for instant polling. I went out to raise money for it and couldn’t find it. Jason, Zak and I couldn’t understand why it was OK to ask people to give money to worthy causes but it was illegal to ask those same people to invest in a worthy business.

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Crowdfunding and 506 Private Placements

31 Dec


I read an exceptional article back in November written by Daniel Gorfine and Ben Miller.  Daniel is Director of Special Projects & Legal Counsel for the esteemed Milken Institute and Ben is Co-Founder of Fundrise – a direct investment platform for local real estate and businesses.  Their article was pertaining to the possibility of the Jobs Act creating a Two Tiered System within the crowdfunding industry.

In brief, once the rules regarding the private placement portion of the  JOBS Act are finalized, those offerings will be allowed to advertise alongside their Crowdfunded brethren.  Private placements issued under Rule 506 are targeted towards Accredited Investors.  These are the sorts of individuals that are of high net worth and considered “sophisticated” by the SEC.   This follows along the same lines as individuals who invest in hedge funds.

This is a large pool of funds, to quote the aforementioned article;

”…even without the ability to solicit investments generally, approximately $895 Billion was raised in 2011 under Rule 506, more than five times the $169.9 Billion raised in global IPOs in the same year.  And the estimated $2.8 Billion that will be raised worldwide via crowdfunding this year is a comparative trickle.”

Until crowdfunding is actually legal, the $2.8 Billion is a guess at best but the numbers are expected to be significant.  Without any statutory limit on the amount a private placement may raise, the picture has the potential to change dramatically.

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ProHatch, IPO Village Executives Share Crowdfunding Tips & Tricks

31 Dec

by Charles Luzar, Crowfund Insider

For most, crowdfunding success isn’t as easy as posting an offering and sharing it on a favorite social network.  A successful offering takes careful planning and active management both during and after the campaign.  In this crowdfunding how to guide, I’ll outline the process and share tips and tricks according to the executives of IPO Village and ProHatch, two leading crowdfunding web sites.

Crowdfunding How To: Is This Right For Me?

Any self-respecting crowdfunding how to guide should admit that crowdfunding isn’t right for everyone.  Whether it is right for you is a hard question to answer and just depends on what you’re seeking funding for.  Consider the following when assessing your approach:

Elizabeth Smith Kulik, ProHatch: “Before social and business entrepreneurs consider crowdfunding as a means of sourcing capital, they must learn what crowdfunding means to the future of their enterprise, because along with the funding comes a large number of stakeholders. This is particularly important to explore when raising funds for your enterprise is not a one-time event and the consequences of crowdfunding will influence future financings.”

Simon Erblich, IPO Village: 

  • Decide on the type of crowdfunding you need to pursue… Donation, Debt or Equity crowdfunding.
  • Determine if your own personal network is strong enough to serve as a foundation for your crowdfunding campaign
  • Ensure that you can articulate your pitch and value proposition in a 2-3 minute video and a couple of concise paragraphs

Crowdfunding How To: Choosing a Platform

Here are some truisms about crowdfunding platforms:

  • There are hundreds of crowdfunding platforms and the number is constantly growing
  • Their practices, costs, approaches, etc. vary greatly

Kickstarter is an awesome platform with a well-established networks of willing contributors, but they may not be the right choice for your specific project.  Indiegogo has a “flexible funding” option that allows you to keep any funds you raise even if you don’t hit your goal.  Fundable offers one-on-one support.  MedStartr specializes in the medical industry.  ProHatch allows raising money in phases instead of one fell swoop.  IPO Village deals only with companies selling public stock.  Selfstarter can be installed on your own web server and has no royalty fees.  Others allow you to white-label their platform and design your own campaign web page without having to host it yourself.

Get the point?

The good news is you have options.  It helps to know your options and pick the one that makes the most sense for your campaign.  If you want extra guidance or need a niche investor to succeed, the big platforms may not be your best bet.

To get up to speed on these options quickly, I’d definitely suggest following the #crowdfunding hashtag on Twitter.  You can also visit our crowdfunding website directory which can help sift through these sites to find listings specific to a certain region or industry, or visit our crowdfunding website news category for the latest news.

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America’s #2 Technology Hub Hosts Crowdfund Texas Conference on Jan. 8th

31 Dec

Crowdfund Texas Conference

The coming Crowdfund Texas conference ( in Austin, on January 8th, 2013 is another perfect example of how crowdfunding is rapidly becoming a mainstream investment strategy. Attracting some of the biggest names and companies in both old and new finance.

When the organizers asked me to attend and be interviewed for the documentary being filmed at the conference (Crowd of Angels), I knew I was very interested in attending. This is just the kind of boost crowdfunding needs. I couldn’t be more excited to be representing IPO Village at this prestigious event.

When I looked over the list of featured speakers, I knew I had to attend. While I have not met all the speakers, I am familiar with most of them. All have a solid foundation in investing and all are strong supporters of crowdfunding. These people would be at home in any big Wall Street financial giant, but they have chosen pursue direct-to-the-public investing.

A few of the speakers to pay close attention to are:

Rodney Sampson co-founded Multicast Media Networks ( in 2000, Intellect in 2002, Intellect Inspire in 2006 and Legacy Opportunity Fund in 2007. Currently, Sampson is building Opportunity Fund, a US based “super” growth fund and crowd funding platform designed to provide underserved and underrepresented communities access to investment opportunities traditionally reserved for accredited and institutional investors. He also serves on the boards of a publishing company, a merchant investment bank, Community Development Corporation (CDC) and the Crowdfunding Professional Association.

One of four ladies on the speaker roster, Kim Wales is the founder of Wales Capital and a board member and founding member at Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates and a governing board member and founding member at Crowdfunding Professionals Association. Kim’s work in these voluntary regulation agencies is vital. While crowdfunding rules under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) act will eventually come down from the SEC, voluntary regulation of the industry will keep federal hands off this investment.

Brian Meece is the founder of crowdfunding website . He is going to bring direct experience in overseeing crowdfunding efforts to this conference. Businesses that enable crowdfunding investors to step up with their money is integral to the crowdfunding industry. I look forward to sharing notes with Meece.

Scott Purcell is a heavyweight for this conference. According to Wikipedia, “Purcell was the founder of Epoch Networks, which was the fourth commercial internet backbone ever, raised in excess of $100 million in venture capital and was at one time was the largest privately held internet service provider in the United States. He also served as a Board Member of the internet industry associations trade group, CIX the Commercial Internet eXchange. In the formative years of the industry he was appointed by CIX to serve as the government liaison, working with the Clinton administration and the FCC on a variety of internet and telecom related legislation and issues.” He’s also started a number of other companies and brings massive experience of raising money for various projects to the table.

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Insert Coin: Engadget Is Looking For Some Cool Gadget Crowdfunded Projects

31 Dec
New gadget crowdfunding contest PR opportunity

New gadget crowdfunding contest PR opportunity

Our brothers and sisters over at Engadget are holding their first red hot, super exciting conference called Expand in SF in March. The event will feature all the boring old commercial hardware you could imagine, including the latest from all the hardware greats but, more important, they’re also reaching out to a contingent dear to my heart: crowdfunded gadgets.

Having a brilliant idea isn’t always enough. Bringing a product to market requires support, marketing and above all, funding. Lots and lots of funding – but don’t worry, we might be able to help you get there.Engadget is proud to announce the launch of Insert Coin: New Challengers, a new competition aimed at helping to make those dream gadgets a reality. If you’ve seen our long-running series about the most promising crowd funded hardware, you can imagine that concept taken to the stage for a live competition between the best of the best new inventions.

Remember: this is for unlaunched products only and, knowing the field, this will be pretty competitive, so those with solid sterling-silver iPad stands will have to take a seat. If you’re ready to run with the big dogs, pop over here and submit and let us know how it goes. You know I love the smell of fresh crowdfunded projects in the morning.

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The U.K. Already Has Equity-Based Crowdfunding, and This Startup Just Set a Record

28 Dec

By Adrianne Jeffries, BetaBeat

U.S.-based crowdfunding sites like KickstarterIndiegogo and ArtistShare offer a huge range of creative perks like T-shirts, backstage access, chip clips, or a week’s worth of personal training alongside Bret Easton Ellis. But what if a startup could offer equity in the company to the little people who helped make it happen?

The JOBS Act, passed in April, gave the SEC a directive to clear the path for equity-based crowdfunding (some call it “crowdinvesting”) sites. The regulatory agency is deliberating over the rules now, with the goal of publishing the new rules by January. We’ll see how that goes, given how complicated crowdfunding is. What are the disclosure requirements for companies? What kind of due diligence will an equity-based crowdfunding “portal” have to do? Yes, the Act and the SEC are calling crowdfunding sites “portals.”

Meanwhile, across the pond, equity-based crowdfunding is already legal and underway. A London-based startup called Escape the City has raised £557,920 (roughly $892,481) on a £600,000 goal with 14 days to go on the equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. The startup upped its goal because of high demand. Escape the City is a social network somewhere between LinkedIn and; it aims to match dissatisfied corporate drones with new jobs, more noble jobs, or professional adventures abroad.

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America’s Highest Growth Companies by Industry and Region

27 Dec

Looking for research information on what will be the highest growth industry sectors and regions for the Crowdfunding industry? The future is hard to predict, but history is usually a good place to start. This infographic from the Kauffman Foundation shows the highest growth companies in America by industry sector as well as the density of their geographic location.

America's Highest Growth Companies by Industry and Region

America’s Highest Growth Companies by Industry and Region

Venture Beat magazine ponders a $1 trillion worldwide #Crowdfunding industry

27 Dec

Venture Beat magazine ponders a $1 trillion worldwide #Crowdfunding industry

iPower Everywhere Gadget, Power for People on the Go

25 Dec

Click here to Visit this IndieGoGo Gadget Crowdfunding Campaign!

1 watt LED

iPower Product Benefits REAL QUICK (full outline below)

  • Power two USB devices at once
  • Super huge 2800mah internal battery
  • 1watt LED Flashlight in case of blackout
  • FM Digital Tuner for pleasure or emergency
  • 3.5″ Input jack for iTunes or Streaming Music
  • Solar and Hand Power charging for emergencies
  • Smallest device in the market with these features

Where do you power? iPOWER Everywhere…

The Concept:

The idea for iPower came two years ago as we prepared for our honeymoon. My wife and I are a little gadget crazy and are unwilling to part with our devices where ever we go. Except this time we needed to pack light as we had multiple legs to our trip and luggage space was very limited.

It bugged me that we had to compromise but when we arrived and I had realized we didn’t have a voltage converter for some of our stops I was livid with myself. I kept asking why no one made a small portable travel friendly device that could eliminate some of the extra devices we were bringing and power them at the same time.

On the 12 hour plane ride home to LAX (our first leg) I started using google Sketch to mock up what I thought would be a good device for what I was aiming for. Something light, travel friendly and portable that would work ANYWHERE in the world

The design evolved over the course of two years as I would constantly scour the internet trying to find what I was seeking and the closest things I found seemed to be emergency radios or massive in your face devices I would not take out anywhere in public

I have always been a fan of design but at the same time love something that is simple. Simple has always appealed to me. I would ask work mates and friends what would they want in this type of device and of course I got everything from opinions to solid feed back. It was up to me to decide what to include and what to cut. This of course meant constant changes to multiple prototypes. I was thankful we had the resources handy and the experience in this field to do such a task.

So for the last six months I have been carrying around my iPower and using it in all different scenarios. I wanted to live with it. Then right before Halloween this year, Hurricane Sandy came in like a lion and brought havoc to the eastern seaboard. We were without power for days and watched countless people left without communication as their smart devices had run out of power. On the other hand I had my iPower doing what I needed it to do without fail. It was then that I decided it was time for the world to meet iPower Everywhere.

The Product:

Sitting on a tiny foot print. No bigger than a Kindle and no wider thicker than a pack of smokes, it also fits neatly into a purse, briefcase or laptop bag. I bring mine just about everywhere.

After two years I finally had finalized the specifications I wanted and met both size and weight criteria I had set out from the beginning.

Product Specifications:

1 Watt High Efficiency LED Bulb with custom-designed lens cover to ensure uniform and balanced lighting.

1500Mah Rechargeable Battery to replenish your electronic devices stand-alone or during trickle charge replenishment. * WE HAVE NOW UPGRADED TO A 2800MAH since taping of this video as we have found a new battery vendor and i have moved the recoil of the hand press up half and inch!

Digital PLL FM Tuner with Forward and Reverse Tune and Scan function. No ugly visible antenna. With Volume Control.

5V-9V DC Input for recharging internal battery and attached devices. Power adapter is included.

3.5” Mini input for MP3, Telephony, iTunes or other playback from a dedicated internal speaker. Will work with mono or stereo devices. With Volume Control.

Dual 5.5V USB output jacks for powering or charging up to two USB devices at once. USB board is Apple device friendly.

Emergency hand pump to replenish battery by human power for emergency situations.

Mini Solar panel to charge internal battery with UL Lighting or ambient solar rays.

Dedicated function select switch to avoid phantom loads.

Dedicated power button to safe guard battery drainage.

Light weight design that comes in under the weight of two cellphones.

Stylish design and travel friendly.

Where we are now?

At this stage we are done with moulds minus some refining to make finish even better. I have finished my last design on the PCB board. You can see this being demonstrated on the video above. Yes I know the video is very long but I wanted to make sure the video was about the product and nothing else. I also wanted you to know we have gotten to this stage in the game because we have invested not only time but a substantial financial investment.

Why we are on Indiegogo is so that people like us can see a product we know is invaluable. We want to offer early adopters like ourselves the chance of having the very first batch. In fact despite being able to produce up to 50,000 units a month our factory has agreed to do as little as 500 as they see the value in our product and know it will be a long term successful item.

I think after watching our 14 minute video above, we have covered every aspect of this project.

So please take this ride with us. Let us help you travel lighter and easier. Let us entertain you when you are at the beach, fishing on the water or just lounging around. Most importantly let us keep those hard working portable devices going at times they are needed most. I know I iPower Everywhere … will you?
About Me

Brian McLoughlin

Brian is a graduate from the University of Arizona in Tempe, AZ. He studied broadcast engineering and communications while working at local Arizona based electronic firms. During college he worked as a sound engineer doing concert staging and video playback systems. He also helped design custom audio and video systems for local public venues. His passion for custom electronics was born the year before he graduated when we toured the Rockford Fosgate factory in Mesa, AZ. He was intrigued by the developement department and made friends during his visit. This spawned backyard competitions where friends would modify cheap electronic devices to perform closer to a higher end unit in the same category.

After graduation Brian returned to NY to pursue his passion. Since 2002 he has helped design control systems for clients such as Pyramid Leasing, BMW North America, Volvo North America, and custom security control systems for leading INC 100 CEO’s. He enjoys the challenge of making ordinary devices perform to the limits of their design. His passion has fueled many different inventions that he is constantly tinkering with in his home “lab”. His hope is to one day create items that serve a purpose at a price anyone can afford.

Brian first envisioned the iPower while traveling on his honeymoon. Since then, he has been obsessed with the fact that too many technologies are wasted in most modern devices. He believes that inspritation comes from personal experiences and without failure there can be no success.

Brian brings the experience in modifying and tinkering with normal household items to this field. He has been part of the custom electronics industry for 12 years now and has enjoyed great success helping many NY based private electronic firms build next level designs. His goal is to one day work for himself with the one goal: making the gadgets we love more affordable.

TaskLab unveils iPhone case with Leatherman/Swiss Army Knife Gadgets

23 Dec

TaskLab unveils iPhone case with Leatherman/Swiss Army Knife Gadgets.  Click here to pre-order one before the deadline on 12/27/12

For press inquiries, please contact or visit


Quick answers to your most common questions:

CAN I FLY WITH THIS CASE? The knife is easily removable with no tools in only seconds, so you can leave it at home or stash it in your checked luggage. We are also working on getting the case (with knife removed) certified with TSA. See the video of how to remove the knife HERE.If you do loose your knife at the airport, we will replace it for the cost of shipping!

WILL USING THE TOOLS BREAK MY PHONE?Nope, the housing and tools are designed so that no harm will be done to your phone even during heavy use. We have designed the hardened steel tools to break before any damage is done to your phone.  See the stress test video of TaskOne and an iPhone 5 HERE. If you manage to break a tool, we sell replacements for only a few dollars each.

FOR INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: When you pledge, please add $15 to your pledge amount (earlybird special for $75 + $15 shipping = $90 total pledge)

WHERE DO I SELECT IPHONE 4 or 5? At the end of the campaign we will send an email to ALL backers asking which case they would like as well as which color option (for backers at $90 and above).


CNET: “Who nees a bottle opener case when you have TaskOne?”

CNET ASIA: “An iPhone case for MacGyver”

TRENDHUNTER TECH: “TaskOne iPhone Toolkit will now fully equip your smartphone”

TECHNOLOGY TELL: “this will fill a void in any MacGyver’s tool kit”

VENTURE BEAT: “The most unbelievable iPhone case ever”

GUYSPEED: “Everything you need to survive a day on the trail” “chuẩn bị sắm cho mình một chiếc ốp lưng với những trang bị “khủng” nhất”

“Awesomely rediculous”

9TO5 MAC: “the ultimate multi-tool actually made and tested for real world use”

UBERGIZMO: “This is one unique protective case for your iPhone”

MACTRAST: “…a really cool project…I’ll be making a pledge as soon as I finish writing this article.”

iDownloadBlog: “Mr. Shelton has done something really cool here, marrying all of these tools with an iPhone case.”

Jeremy Carr: “I’ve never cut my steak with an iphone before.  How does it feel?  AWESOME!!!”

Absynthe Jailbreak: “…incorporating all those tools in a moderately thin and sturdy casing is really no child’s play.”

The Gadgeteer: “If you’ve dreamed of turning your iPhone into a multi-tool, you can pledge $75 to reserve your own TaskOne case.”

Limera1N: “You will not be able to help yourself but give a jaw dropped reaction after seeing all the features of this great case.”

TecheBlog: “Simply put, the TaskOne case turns your iPhone into a Swiss Army Knife, literally.”

iPhoneInformer: “…the new Task One iPhone Case could be just what you need.”

Astounde: “This may be the coolest phone case ever created.”

Gear Diary: “Why the heck didn’t I think of that?”

“Awesomely rediculous”

“the ultimate multi-tool actually made and tested for real world use”

“This is one unique protective case for your iPhone”

“Addison Shelton has invented a rather unique iPhone case”

“…a really cool project…I’ll be making a pledge as soon as I finish writing this article.”

“Mr. Shelton has done something really cool here, marrying all of these tools with an iPhone case.”

Jeremy Carr:

“I’ve never cut my steak with an iphone before.  How does it feel?  AWESOME!!!”

“…incorporating all those tools in a moderately thin and sturdy casing is really no child’s play.”

“If you’ve dreamed of turning your iPhone into a multi-tool, you can pledge $75 to reserve your own TaskOne case.”

“You will not be able to help yourself but give a jaw dropped reaction after seeing all the features of this great case.”

“Simply put, the TaskOne case turns your iPhone into a Swiss Army Knife, literally.”

“Task One has 16 tools and is no thicker than an ordinary phone case.”

“This may be the coolest phone case ever created.”

“Why the heck didn’t I think of that?”

An iPhone case that can do MORE.

Your iPhone is your life. You carry it all the time.  You love your phone, but it falls short when you need to fix your bike, tighten a screw, or cut your steak. There isn’t an app for that. But what if there was a CASE for that?

ENTER TASKONE – Now you can carry a multi-tool built right into the case of your iPhone.  Sixteen of the most useful tools engineered into a thin and trim package. And at 89 grams TaskOne adds suprisingly little weight to your phone.

Utilizing quality hardened tool steels, aircraft aluminum, and polycarbonate, TaskOne is the next generation of multi-tools.

Not only is TaskOne functional, but it is also stylishly designed. Its total thickness is as thin or thinner than many other cases, and comes in a variety of brilliant colors, including Slate Grey, Cherry Red, Jet Black, and the Indiegogo only color Orange Flame.  TaskOne does not sacrifice performance, yet is elegant and beautifully integrated with your phone.

The Details

The tools are housed in a light but strong precision machined aircraft aluminum enclosure connected to your phone through molded outer polycarbonate bands. Use of the tools is simple – when stored the tools are secured via custom spring assemblies. The tools are extended by the low-profile buttons on the back of the phone and are automatically fixed in the extended position during use. The raised bezel on the front of the case keeps the screen safe from damage.

The Tools

Sixteen tools are included in TaskOne. The tools are made to withstand the abuse of real life without ever damaging your phone.

The tools included in TaskOne are:

  • 2.5″ knife with 0.75″ of serrations
  • 1.8″ Sawblade
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Large flathead screwdriver
  • Medium Phillips screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • 6 metric Allen wrenches
  • Wire stripper
  • 120mm ruler (110mm on iPhone 4/4s)
  • Bottle opener
  • Kickstand




Useful in so many situations, the knife is sharp but easily removable for flying or small cutting tasks. A steel lock secures the knife in the fully extended position for larger cutting tasks. The case serves as an excellent handle and is strong enough so your phone will never be harmed when using the knife.




The saw is designed for optimal cutting of woods and plastics with a Peg Tooth saw pattern. Need to fashion a stick for roasting marshmallows on that impromptu camping trip you took with your friends?  No problem with TaskOne!




Three Screwdrivers are stored inside the case. Using the ejector button the screwdrivers can be removed and placed in the screwdriver slot at the top of the case. Use the case as your leverageto tackle those hard-to-loosen screws on your motorcycle, or perform an emergency electronics repair with the micro screwdriver.




Made from hardened tool steel and ground with an aggressive cross grip pattern, these pliers are small but mighty. When extended, the plier’s handle pops out of the case edge for access. Use them to grip, twist, and grab; then use the wire cutter to snip through metal wire.




Screws and bolts that use Allen wrenches are found on bikes and many household items.TaskOne gives you access to six of the most useful sizes in a convenient removable tool. The wrenches are designed to give you plenty of torque for quick repairs and fixes on the go, areprecisely ground for a perfect fit, and labeled with their wrench size.




The integrated wire stripper helps you make quick work of electrical repairs.  A broken wire can be re-stripped and re-connected with ease.




Metric ruler marks are engraved on the back of the case. The first mark is precisely positioned 10mm from the bottom edge of the case so you can use the case surface as your measuring reference. Graduations of 1mm get you finer resolution for your measurements.




No true multi-tool can be without a bottle opener.  This opener was optimized and tested on all types of bottles from Coke to beer and beyond. It is positioned right at the edge of the case for easy access, but protrudes just enough (but not too much) from the bottom of the case to reliably and easily open your favorite beverage. Open your next bottle with TaskOne!




Insert the small screwdriver into one of the two machined slots on the back of the phone and turn the tool into a convenient Kickstand for watching video or facetime! The kickstand can be used in either landscape or portrait mode.


We have been working hard designing and manufacturing the prototypes, setting up supply agreements with vendors, and getting everything in order for our first production run. TaskOne has gone through innumerable revisions and tests to get it to its current state.

With your support, we can bring TaskOne to the market and into your pocket. Your contributions will help fund:

  • Production tooling
  • Custom spring manufacturing
  • First large production run

Pledge and be a part of a revolution in iPhone cases!


TASKONE  Holiday Gift Card – All supporters at $25 or more will receive a beautiful card with an image of TaskOne on the front and a brief description of the features on the inside. If you pledged $75 and up the card will show the arrival date of your case and a To/From line so you can giveTaskOne as a gift!

Pledge before Dec 15th – Help us reach our goal early and we will make sure your TaskOneholiday card is in the mail for arrival before Dec 25th. Hide the card in the Christmas Tree, place it under the Menorah or slip it into the holiday stocking of your favorite iPhone user!  (Backers at 10 or 100 cases, we will ask if you would like to receive the full color cards as well).

All TaskOne cases arrive in three parts – Fully assembled backplate with all of the tools installed and two edge bands to wrap your phone and secure the backplate. The four allen head screws necessary to attach TaskOne to your case are included, and can be fastened with the included Allen wrench tool.

If you supported the $150 option, you will receive the special Indiegogo-only Orange Flame color with a laser-etched number serial on the case backside.

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